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DNA uses “climbers’ ropes method” to keep tangles at bay


Cells use a process somewhat like this to keep DNA from getting tangled/Davide Michieletto

From ScienceDaily:

A process that cells use to unravel knotted strands of DNA — resembling a method used to control climbing ropes — has been uncovered by scientists.

The findings help explain how about 2 metres of DNA can be neatly packaged in each of our cells, in a space that is about the width of a hair.

Scientists have identified two sets of proteins in cells that work together to keep the strands unknotted, avoiding tangles that would hamper vital biological processes.

These proteins are found in many organisms, and scientists believe that their role in managing DNA may be common throughout nature.

One family of proteins — known as SMC — acts like a belay device used by rock climbers, which passes ropes through a series of loops.

These proteins have been found to work alongside another set, known as TopoII, which was previously thought to help solve tangles, but in a way that was not well understood. Paper. (open access) – Enzo Orlandini, Davide Marenduzzo, Davide Michieletto. Synergy of topoisomerase and structural-maintenance-of-chromosomes proteins creates a universal pathway to simplify genome topology. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2019; 201815394 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1815394116 More.

It all just swished into place among unthinking cells billions of yours ago. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Go tell it on the mountain.

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Are you people trying to push the idea that it looks as if it is all kind of briliantly desIGNed that way ? Whoaaa ! (cough)(cough). This goldurned cough is getting worserer an' worserer whenever I sees such foolishness. Axel
i had a look at the original paper, and i just can't stop wonder... That miracle did not happen once, but multiple times independently... From the paper: "The family of topoisomerase proteins has independently evolved in different organisms to resolve these topological problems, yet no existing model can explain how topoisomerase alone can reduce the topological complexity of DNA in vivo." So, here you go.... blind unguided natural process resolved these topological problems not once, but multiple times independently ????? How a mentally healthy person can believe that ? What is wrong with these guys ? martin_r

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