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Fascist New York Attorney General Launches Jihad Against Political Speech

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See the story here.

There is a name for using government coercion to suppress minority speech:  Fascism.  Whatever side of the climate issue you are on, alarm klaxons should be going off in your head, and shivers of dread should be running up and down your spine.  If that is not happening, you are either a fascist yourself and agree with the New York AG or you are not paying attention.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that a giant corporation with massive amounts of capital to spend on lobbying and public relations, told a fib that has massive economic and ecological consequences. Imagine that a public servant or a citizen brought suit against that giant corporation for telling that fib and asked for a public accounting. That's FASCISM? Daniel King
in north america today the contract between the people and authorit is being broken. We first had freedom of speech and never gave it up save for special things. They can't take freedom of speecxh away but its tyranny and already illegal. Not because freedom of speech is in the constitution but because the constitution sIMPLY RECOGNIZES the freedom of speech. truth is the absolute existing right of mankind, americans, canadians, and freedom of speech exists to serve this natural law. Everywhere there is an attack on speech freedom and here they go again. They show themselves once more. take them on and about the whole matter and not just a few subjects. The forefathers didn't leave these freedoms but left the means to preserve these freedoms Good thread also because creationism gets whacked. Creationists must also defend freedoms of speech while defending accuracy in origin subjects. The Philistines are upon us. Robert Byers
Ancient arthropod brains surprise paleontologists - Nov. 9, 2015 Exceptionally well preserved 520-million-year-old arthropod brains overturn the old idea that nervous tissue does not fossilize, and provide fresh insights into brain evolution Excerpt: In 2012, neuroanatomist Nicholas Strausfeld and colleagues at the Natural History Museum in London described the fossilized remains of Fuxianhuia protensa, an ancestral arthropod that lived during the Cambrian period. This specimen was excavated from the Chengjiang Shales, a major fossil site in the Yunnan Province of southwestern China, and has an exceptionally well preserved brain and optic lobes, making it the oldest known fossilized nervous tissue. Paleontologists questioned the findings, however, arguing that they were experimental artifacts, or that the tissue was fossilized under very rare and special circumstances that likely made it a one-off event. But Strausfeld and his colleagues now report that seven other recently discovered Fuxianhuia specimens also have remnants of nervous tissue, and describe experiments which recreate the conditions in which it may have been preserved.,,, When Strausfeld and his colleagues first examined Fuxianhuia, however, they were surprised to discover that it had a complex brain consisting of three fused segments with a rich supply of blood vessels. This brain organization closely resembles that seen in extant insect species, suggesting that the brains of certain arthropod species, such as the brine shrimp, regressed to less complex nervous systems as they evolved. http://www.theguardian.com/science/neurophilosophy/2015/nov/09/ancient-arthropod-brains-surprise-paleontologists

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