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Good Mutations on Demand

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Here is a recent interview from Bob Enyart’s Real Science Friday show, talking about mutations being generated by controlled cellular systems rather than only being generated haphazardly. It also talks about materialism in the larger sense, and why non-materialists have a tough time following design arguments.

Listen to the Interview Here

You have a wonderful attitude Johnny...God bless you! Blue_Savannah
God grant you grace. G kairosfocus
Thanks, BA. It was a tough and trying time, for a very long time. Danny lived to be 5 and a half, and Isaac lived about three months. Between them, though, we have three very healthy children to be thankful for. Losing children, especially losing them slowly, adds quite a bit of perspective to life. As I said in the interview, the way I got into the conversation in the first place was from having done years of research to learn about genetics and metabolic processes to better understand what would help Danny, and later Isaac. I can say that it was them who taught me the wonders of what we have inside each of us, in trillions of cells. I can also say that it was Danny who taught me how to have joy in whatever happens. While it was tough for us to watch, it must have been more difficult for him. But he spent more time smiling than anything. I was also blessed to be surrounded with great family, friends, and church family through the whole thing. We had many needs but never, ever lacked for anything. johnnyb
Sorry to hear about the loss of your children to genetic diseases Johnny. I definitely will have listen to the entire interview in the morning over coffee. bornagain77

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