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J.P. Moreland on the reality of the mind tested by psychiatric disorder


His own mind, as it happened:

As a prominent devout Christian, Moreland found himself contending with two extremes of popular culture: “Why can’t faith alone heal?” pitted against “Why can’t pills alone heal?” So he found himself starting to live the approach he had often explained in his writings:

J. P. Moreland: We are a unity of body, mind, spirit, emotions, and will and they all affect one another. And so, if my brain is damaged and it’s not producing the kinds of chemicals that it needs to help me have a good mood, then medication feels like oiling the engine or vitamins for your brain. And it restores your brain to a balance so that you have a fighting chance now to deal with anxiety and depression through your spiritual life and your counseling.

I was in such bad shape that I needed medication and I highly recommend that people try this because there is nothing wrong with doing this. It is not unspiritual to do so because we are not just souls, we have bodies too. – (From the podcast “Our Anxious Souls Have Bodies” [5:30-7:15])

J. P. Moreland’s model of the human self survived the ultimate field test” at Mind Matters News



See also: Notes: Moreland also discussed these issues in an earlier podcast with Sean McDowell and Scott B. Rae. See: Moreland Theologian, battling depression, reaffirms the existence of the soul. J. P. Moreland reasons his way to the evidence and captures his discoveries in a book

His most recent professional work is Scientism and Secularism: Learning to Respond to a Dangerous Ideology (2018); an outline is available here.

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It is an axiom of Catholicism, I believe, that the first recourse should be to a medical professional. Axel

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