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One darwin of energy

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Definition: The amount of energy exerted by an average-sized Darwinist (5′ 5″, 200 lbs) freaking out for 60 seconds at 70 degrees Fahrenheit on visiting the Discovery Institute website.

Exercise: Convert this unit to proper SI metric units.

Exam question: What mean rate of darwins over what length of time is required for Darwinism to implode and be a thing of the past? Justify your answer.

Actually, the Darwin is already a unit of evolution, with 1 Darwin equalling an e-fold change in a trait over one million years. e = approximately 2.718 Jasper
1) I went to the site for sixty seconds, and browsed the articles on the main page. I didn't even see anything about darwinism, but I did see some lauding of biblical politics, a story about how the bible informs views on the immigration debate, and some lamenting of big govermnent. Thus, there was minimal freaking out. Then again, I'm considerably less obese than the apparent average Darwinian, so I might be less susceptable. 2) Presumably 0 freaking out will convert to 0 joules. 3) Let's see here, total energy expenditure of 0 joules per minute... Tiax
If Darwinism does implode and become a thing of the past, Darwinism will provide a better explanation for this than ID (which isn't even a thoory). Dennett wrote a book Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon. Where is the companion volume on Science as a Natural Phenomenon? Is such a volume forthcoming? Or is Science just not subject to the same analysis as Religion? Mung
Comtemporary human metabolic theory says that I burn about 500 calories per hour pumping iron at Gold's Gym. Add a conservative factor of 1.5 for freaking out. That makes 750 calories. Multiply that by 4.184 joules per calorie which makes 3,138 joules, which equals nearly three BTUs. Divide that by 60 to get a minute's worth of freak-out BTUs. At that rate, all the Darwinists should burn out in about 20 years. If this doesn't make sense, you need to reconsider your personal incredulity about my theory. After all, just because it doesn't make sense to you, doesn't mean it's wrong! In addition, I would assert that my freak-out BTU analysis makes more sense than most origin-of-life hypotheses. GilDodgen

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