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OOL researcher Harold Morowitz (1927–2016)

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Harold J Morowitz From The Scientist:

A longtime consultant to NASA and a member of the scientific advisory committee for Biosphere 2 (the largest-ever enclosed ecosystem), Morowitz was a strong advocate for a theory of emergence of life from chemical and physical principles. In the 1983 McLean v. Arkansas case over teaching creationism in schools, he provided an expert opinion, testifying in front of the court that the creationist view of life’s origins has no basis in science. More.

Also: New York Times:

Once, when he received a birthday card that assessed a human body’s raw materials at only 97 cents, he recalculated the cost based on synthesized ingredients from a biochemical company catalog and re-evaluated his worth at more than $6 million.

“Information is much more expensive than matter,” he wrote in 1976. “We are led cent by dollar from a lowly pile of common materials to a grand philosophical conclusion, the infinite preciousness of every person.”

He seems not to have grasped that “infinite preciousness” is not compatible with emerged from inanimate nature alone.

Requiescat in lucem pacis aeternitatis.

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4 Replies to “OOL researcher Harold Morowitz (1927–2016)

  1. 1
    jimmontg says:

    Well he lived a full life at 89 years. I’m surprised he hung onto life from nonlife. With what we have learned since Crick and Watson discovered DNA it is just baffling that people will hang onto a rational universe from a nonrational source. I suppose hanging onto atheism makes for that kind of dissonance. I hope he believed in God, RIP.

  2. 2
    leodp says:

    What I learned in school is that one day lightning struck pond-scum and produced life. Or maybe it was volcano vents. On the other hand, claims of miracles — such as the resurrection of Christ — are sheer bunkum. — I’m going with Christ. I only hope (sans-evidence) that Morowitz was a closet Christian. Clearly the man had the capacity for great faith. But He still stands at the door, knocking. Revelation 3:20

  3. 3
    Robert Byers says:

    Its sad about his death but the fact that his attack on creationism was the most notable thing means he did not accomplish anything worthy to be remembered in science. Chump change details and stupid ideas about life from goo and sparks.

    How was he a expert on origin of life? It could only be untested speculation unless he originated life somewhere. NAW.
    Creationism is as sciency as anything in origin matters and all share problems dealing with invisible things long past.
    Yet in attacking creationism he is the bad and dumb guy and really a traitor of academic inquiry and free speech and trying to use courts to impose conclusions in these matters.
    He stood in the way of someone better in the positions etc he was given.

  4. 4
    earthsinterface says:

    “He seems not to have grasped that “infinite preciousness” is not compatible with emerged from inanimate nature alone.”

    I would think after years of experimentation in the lab where a Scientists are forced to use their intelligence, emotions and all the purposeful goal driven plans to prove how blind unguided forces are capable of accomplishing anything close to even a fraction of life’s complexity and sophistication, one would be forced to conclude that. Must have been frustrating all those decades of failure, but more than likely such feelings of frustration would be kept a secret as such a person would lose their celebrity because it would be a secular sin to admit such falure and punishment woud be swift and mercilous to admit such conclusions publicly. Ool Researchers must find it tough to maintain such blind faith and dedication to Darwin’s god.

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