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Paignton Zoo monkeys produce Notes to Shakespeare ‘s works


Fulfilling Thomas Huxley’s famous assertion, sort of.

Hat tip Oliver Moody, for this item:

Notes Towards the Complete Works of Shakespeare were produced in response to the familiar idea that if an infinite number of monkeys are given typewriters for an infinite amount of time, they will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. It was translated to a computer environment, producing live updates published on the web, alongside a webcam view of the production scene showing the creative activity in its fuller context. The text was first produced in Paignton Zoo by a group of Sulawesi Macaque monkeys as their contribution to the exhibition GENERATOR (1 May – 22 June 2002, Spacex Gallery), curated by SPACEX & STAR, and supported by the National Touring Programme of the Arts Council of England and the Institute of Digital Art & Technology. The project forms part of a research stage of [VIVARIA.NET] also funded by the Arts Council of England. More.

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Acclaimed by local Arts Council as a literary masterpiece. When you take the challenges the monkeys face into account, right? And those notes are just as good for them as any others would be.

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Are apes entering the Stone Age?

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I like the part that goes "ssssssssssss...". daveS

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