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Science rock stars beginning to sound like gravel?


Barry Arrington noted night that Richard Dawkins is beginning to overcome the cannibalism taboo. Sure, whatever, as long as we are spared the details … A question looms, in light of this kind of thing:

This view extends even to those who have died, which is why we treat the deceased in a respectful manner and why desecrating the dead is considered to be immoral and is against the law — even in war.

Dawkins, of course, rejects the concept, considering it “speciesist,” e.g., discrimination against animals. He thinks we are just a collection of carbon molecules and certainly of no intrinsic value simply and merely because we are human. (For example, he has yearned for the creation of a human/chimp hybrid creature as a means to prove we are not special.) More.

Yeh. And then there’s Stephen Hawking whose main product appears now to be widely celebrated nonsense even his fans don’t get, much as they pretend.

A whole generation of Cool Sciencey types has now come to seem just plain weird or nonsensical. Who will take their place? SJW riots against science?

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