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Should the Big 5 extinction be considered the Big 6?

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The Capitanian extinction, which did in a lot of brachiopods 262 mya

From ScienceDaily:

The widespread loss of carbonates across the Boreal Realm also suggests a role for acidification. The new data cements the Middle Permian crisis’s status as a true “mass extinction.” Thus the “Big 5” extinctions should now be considered the “Big 6.” More.

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One Reply to “Should the Big 5 extinction be considered the Big 6?

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    Robert Byers says:

    All these extinctions were from one extinction during the biblical flood year some 4500 years ago.
    Its just poor investigation that segregates them in time. its more likely and obvious its one event.
    Its good investigation recognizing a mass kill off.
    Got that right. nO slow evolving into other things eh.

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