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Stephen Meyer Interviewed by Greg Koukl


Greg Koukl of Stand To Reason interviewed Steve Meyer yesterday on Greg’s radio show. The interview (actually more of a dialog) was extremely comprehensive, although it was primarily centered around Meyer’s new book, Signature in the Cell. Greg is extremely bright and articulate, as is Steve, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the exchange.

You can listen to the interview here, or access the mp3 file directly here.

Yes, I know, Stand to Reason is a Christian apologetics organization and Greg Koukl is a Christian apologist, but let’s keep the conversation on the topic of the content of the interview, and not get hopelessly lost in a giant digression about how this proves that ID is all about religion instead of science. ID is theism friendly, so it will obviously get a more thorough and informative hearing in a theism-friendly milieu.

Hi Gil, Good to hear from you! I've been fortunate to meet quite a few ID luminaries in the last two weeks. Dembski, Wells, Meyer, Chapman, West and others. I even ran into Ben Stein at the Safeway here in Sandpoint. He owns a condo on the lake and I think he's a lot less taciturn in real life. Stu StuartHarris
I have the book but have not gotten very far. This is a very thorough interview (2 hours). Having heard it will make the reading go a bit smoother. prhean
Dear Cousin Stuart, Nice to see you posting at UD. There must be something in those Dodgen genes that predisposes us to software engineering, and recognizing the illogical and evidence-deprived nonsense propagated by Darwinists. GilDodgen
As an aside, I was in Seattle this last weekend and on Saturday attended the Discovery Institute's premier of "Darwin's Dilemma", the third in the series of ID oriented films by Illustra Media that question neo Darwinism. The film focuses almost entirely on the Cambrian Explosion and it will be shipping in September. It was quite good and was followed with Q & A by Meyer, Wells, and others. StuartHarris
There are more mp3 files by Dr. Meyer here. bevets
This Is A Excellent ID video that just came out that is narrated by Dr. Meyer: Journey Inside The Cell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fiJupfbSpg bornagain77

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