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“Texas Sharpshooter Fallacies” produce bad science data


Robert J. Marks, author with design theorist William Dembski and Winston Ewert of Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics talks with Gary Smith, author The AI Delusion, about how, in general, based data is produced

Smith: Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy # 1 is that I’m going to prove what a great shot I am and so I stand outside a barn and then I go and paint a thousand targets on the barn and I fire my gun and what do you know, I am lucky, I hit a target. And then I go and erase all the other targets and I say, look, I hit the target. And, of course, it’s meaningless, because, with so many targets, I’m bound to hit something… So the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy #1 is reporting lots and lots of different theories and reporting the one that seems confirmed by the data and not telling anybody that you tested thousands of other theories.

Can AI Combat Misleading Medical Research?” at Mind Matters News

That sounds like so many theories about the origin of the human brain.


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