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Theologian Peter Enns talks about why BioLogos did not renew his contract


In the comments to this post at his blog (November 18, 2011), on a conference he attended:

Yes I am cynical. I am wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and my Birkenstocks with socks in protest to “stick it to the man.” I’m sure if Jesus were here he’d be doing the same thing–although, maybe he’d be getting Ben and Jerry’s at the corner of Haight and Ashbury (not kidding, see picture to the right).

Some of the tensions between (1) the affirmations and denials in any given article and (2) between articles are a lot to ask people to assent to–one would have to be very committed to doing so. I began doing a series on CSBI before I left BioLogos, by the way.

A commenter followed up,

Pete, What do you mean “before I left Biologos”? I had no idea that you cut your affiliation with them. Do you have a philosophical difference with the climate of their theological direction? I felt that you were a needed influence theologically that should be heard and discussed. That’s even with some of my differences with you concerning “some” Pauline understandings.

Enns replied,

My contract was not renewed in September. They are moving in a more conservative direction, i.e., keeping Southern Baptists and other literalists on board.

Another commenter offered:

I hope Denis Lamoureux personal affronts online against Dr. Falk were not instrumental in this fallout.

He probably means this incident.

All we say is, we didn’t know they even had contracts.

Mytheos I will put your friend on my prayer list, as a catholic who used to believe in evolution, I never saw the damage that evolution did but it a similar event that happened to someone I knew to make me look deeper into evolution and I was shocked to find the atheistic agenda behind so much of this debunked theory. It took a while for me to come to the ID camp but it was well worth it. wallstreeter43
It would take some considerable humility for them to admit their folly. I have a vested interest in pointing out their inconsistency as I have lost a brother in Christ because of their dual religion. (Atheistic Naturalism and Christianity) What a joke to even try to meld these opposing worldviews. You cannot serve two masters. You will end up loving one and despising the other. Unfortunately Biologos despises Christianity and makes it to play second fiddle to Atheistic Naturalism. Mytheos
johnnyb, there is simply no chance that the myth that we are well funded will die. It's so much what people need to believe that no body of evidence can convince them otherwise. If they had everybody's tax return and statement of assets, that wouldn't convince them. They'd say it was all rigged. The best approach is to exploit their weakness; They can't believe that so many people would put so much effort into bringing down their poisonous myth - largely for free, and despite significant costs, risks and losses. So they literally don't know where it's coming from. News
I wonder if this turn to a more "conservative" direction will influence their beliefs regarding science and the Genesis creation story. Although I think it's more probably that they are simply looking for people from conservative denominations who share BioLogos views of Darwinism and the creation story. APM
I agree, Denyse. It's amazing that people call ID and creation movements "well-funded", when practically no one receives any money. Obviously there are some being paid, but the vast majority of paid articles is on their side. I had wondered how they managed to get so many top tier theologians to continually write articles. Now we see why - they were paid. No problem per se, but it does show the lie about who has the cash to get the word out and who is the grassroots players. johnnyb
Biologos - Where we adjust the bible to suit the demands of a changing intellectual climate. Mytheos

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