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Vid: Tom Bethell on authoritarian science

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From David Klinghoffer at Evolution News and Views:

We’re looking forward to the March for Science this coming April 22, planned for Washington, DC, and with satellite marches across the country. If you’ve read about it, it promises to be a screechy and politicized protest against questioning orthodox scientific views or criticizing scientists.

Scientists, as you know, are now held by many to enjoy a status granting them permanent immunity from criticism (much like the media, judges, and intelligence officials). In this way, scientific authority transmutes into scientific authoritarianism. Meanwhile we’re told it’s the skeptics on Darwinism and other scientific ideas, perpetually dodging threats to their careers and reputations, that we are supposed to fear and revile. More.

It’s increasingly obvious is that the enemies of science are within: People who can’t stand being questioned in fields that thrive on questions are like comedians who can’t stand a tough audience. Prophecy: It won’t sell.

Rachel Adams has produced a video that captures the approach taken by Tom Bethell’s Darwin’s House of Cards, Iconoclast, linked below.

Screech-free. (No, really.)

See also: Darwin fans: We censor in order to oppose censorship The group sounds like a treat. Here is their Kids’ Right to Read project. … So the smart high schooler can read Michael Behe’s Edge of Evolution at school if she wants? Wait, what was that smashing noise out in the hall? (muffled high-pitched screams… )

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