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You Won’t Believe How Evolutionists Say These Two Major Contradictions Cancel Each Other Out

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Even before Darwin scientists knew that completely new kinds of species appeared rather abruptly in the fossil record. And a century later—when scientists uncovered the genomes of different species—they discovered that if evolution were true, then genes that build highly complex designs must have been around long before those complex designs appeared on the scene. Over and over, evolutionists have come to realize, very early life not only must have been extremely complex, but it even must have anticipated the later complexity by having the right genes all ready to go. Evolutionists even have a word for this. They call it “preadapted” genomes. Of course evolutionists insist all this must have spontaneously arisen, for no reason. It was just lucky.  Read more

Preadapted genomes is the futile Darwinist spin on the ID-supportive concept of preprogrammed adaptive capacity, which is easily predicted by ID theorists. Unless, of course, we should opt for the more "plausible" idea that Darwinism not only works improbable miracles but also has the foresight for the future. I mean for how long will they keep on implicitly personifying Darwinism with such superb intelligent qualities that can only be used to appropriately describe a designer? And how did they make the massive leap from the utter inablitiy to describe the origin of basic genetic information by their blind mechanisms to the origins of entire genomes, let alone genomes with "foresight"? Shogun

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