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Big news at Scientific American: Quantum gravity stories that steer clear of the multiverse (“and other pseudoscience”)

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In “Quantum Gravity at Scientific American” (Not Even Wrong, April 17, 2012), Peter Woit notes,

Scientific American is doing a good job this month of putting out stories related to quantum gravity that actually make sense, steering clear of the multiverse and other pseudo-science. This month’s magazine has a very nice article by Steven Carlip about quantum gravity in 2+1 dimensions. For a more technical introduction to the subject, Carlip’s book and review article are good places to start.

Refreshing. And last month, the Templeton Foundation gave their science and religion prize to the Dalai Lama (who funds neuroscience research), not to some multiverse crackpot.

Maybe being a crackpot isn’t as cool as it used to be? Or is that too much to hope for?


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