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One of the many creative ways April Fool’s Day can be celebrated: Promoting the multiverse

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In “Nothingness in LA on April Fool’s Day” (Not Even Wrong, April 1, 2012), multiverse skeptic Peter Woit points to,

The media and blogosphere today are full of April Fool’s Day jokes of various degrees of funniness. Then there’s the Los Angeles Times, which used the date to publish a piece by Lawrence Krauss entitled A Universe Without Purpose. It promotes the argument that the multiverse is science’s answer to religion, with in this case backing coming even from the LHC [Large Hadron Collider] …

Actually, the Collider has been about as useful for the purpose as a three-legged racehorse. The LA Times probably takes Krauss and the multiverse seriously.

"Only a person deeply encumbered by religion would find anything to object here." Alas, Yatima, knowledge and understanding do indeed incur a burden of responsibility. "No man is an island...", as the good clergyman averred. But, hey, don't let such weighty matters cloud your pristine innocence. Axel

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