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FLIGHT: The Genius of Birds – Embryonic development (Video)


We've been seeing this film get some really good sales on this movie at Family Christian Movies The reviews are coming back really positive too. Every time I see big birds flying now, I think about this film. I can't wait to watch it with my son who loves biology. jdolson@familychristianmovies.com
OT: 20 Arguments For God’s Existence - Dr. Peter Kreeft 1. The Argument from Change 2. The Argument from Efficient Causality 3. The Argument from Time and Contingency 4. The Argument from Degrees of Perfection 5. The Design Argument 6. The Kalam Argument 7. The Argument from Contingency 8. The Argument from the World as an Interacting Whole 9. The Argument from Miracles 10. The Argument from Consciousness 11. The Argument from Truth 12. The Argument from the Origin of the Idea of God 13. The Ontological Argument 14. The Moral Argument 15. The Argument from Conscience 16. The Argument from Desire 17. The Argument from Aesthetic Experience 18. The Argument from Religious Experience 19. The Common Consent Argument 20. Pascal's Wager http://www.strangenotions.com/god-exists/ bornagain77
Regardless of how one thinks life came into being, everyone should be flat out amazed at the processes involved in embryonic development. If you are not in awe for some reason I would take that as sign that you are struggling to comprehend what is actually going on. We are absolutely privileged to live in a time where this sort of wonder can be seen by the masses. I find what goes on in that little egg (any embryo for that matter) in just a few days far more impressive than pretty much any other process. The nature of the non living elements in and including the universe are bland by comparison in terms of complexity. All this applies before you even consider if there is or is not any kind of God. Whether the product of evolution or engineering it is what it is. bw

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