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So Hiawatha was right?

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IMAGEAmazing protein diversity in maize From Eurekalert:

Cold Spring Harbor, NY — The genome of the corn plant – or maize, as it’s called almost everywhere except the US – “is a lot more exciting” than scientists have previously believed. So says the lead scientist in a new effort to analyze and annotate the depth of the plant’s genetic resources.

“Our new research establishes the amazing diversity of maize, even beyond what we already knew was there,” says Doreen Ware, Ph.D., of the US Department of Agriculture and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in New York. “This diversity is fascinating in its own right and at the same time has great import for agriculture.” Maize is one of the world’s top-three staple foods; along with rice and wheat it accounts for two-thirds of world food consumption.More.

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You shall hear how Hiawatha
Prayed and fasted in the forest,
Not for greater skill in hunting,
Not for greater craft in fishing,
Not for triumphs in the battle,
And renown among the warriors,
But for profit of the people,
For advantage of the nations.


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    Robert Byers says:

    Its called corn in canada too. It doesn’t matter if Mexico calls it maize. If other nations call it maize across the seas well they are as usual mixed up.
    Corn was used by people for about 3000 years and so maybe a clue about genetic change is in the cobs.

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