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Solar system brewed 30 m yrs before birth


Say researchers quoted at ABC:

The event coincided with the death of a giant red star, says one of the study’s co-authors Professor John Lattanzio of Monash University in Melbourne.

The research, reported in the journal Science, provides the most detailed timeline yet for the events that led to the creation of our solar system, and indicates the process was more complex than previously thought.

“This is gives us a good view of where we came from and what happened just before the solar system,” says Lattanzio.

More complex?

Even the Big Bang was not a welcome development.

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...the process was more complex than previously thought.
Does that statement contain any trademarked phrase by any chance? ;-) As News suggested before, should they explain why they didn't think it could be more complex? What made them think that process could be simpler than it now seems to be? Dionisio

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