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New Synthese issue focuses on scientific realism

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Moving beyond (at last, one hopes) “The day we left the Darwin lobby in charge of the office”, the journal Synthese has a great new issue on scientific realism, dedicated to Peter Lipton (d. 2007): Scientific Realism Quo Vadis? Theories, Structures, Underdetermination and Reference here.

It includes

Martin Carrier
Ludwig Fahrbach
Steven French
Michael Friedman
Paul Hoyningen-Huene
James Ladyman
Hannes Leitgeb
Holger Lyre
F. A. Muller
Stathis Psillos
Gerhard Schurz
Ioannis Votsis
John Worrall

and discusses:

structural realism, empiricism, the no miracles argument, inference to the best explanation, approximate truth, the argument from underdetermination, the pessimistic meta-induction argument, the semantics of theoretical terms, Carnap’s Aufbau, the identity of indiscernibles and the role of intuitions in the scientific realism debate.

Several sources eager anticipate their copies. Good luck, Synthese!

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    Mung says:

    Is science even possible without scientific realism?

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