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Michael Egnor

Michael Egnor: The mind’s reality is consistent with neuroscience

Egnor: I think the best explanation of the relationship of the mind to the brain is Aristotelian hylomorphism which is the viewpoint that the soul is the form of the body and that certain powers of the soul, particularly the intellect and will, are not generated by matter but are immaterial things. Read More ›

Spoof alert!: Jerry Coyne is interviewed at Dissociated News

Coyne has been a frequent topic on our page in recent months and a reader dug this out from 2013 and sent it in. Michael Egnor imagines an interview with Jerry Coyne on deplatforming opponents: They're still talking about it. After I told them not to. Read More ›

Mike Egnor offers to help Darwinist PZ Myers tell boys from girls

For a person who believes so strongly in the power of natural selection, yes, how the genes get together would be a good thing to know. Myers recently asserted that when he meets people, he infers nothing about their sexual identity. Egnor responds to the general question and the particular one in two parts. Read More ›

Mike Egnor vs. Jerry Coyne on how consciousness evolved

Egnor: The assertion that consciousness “evolved” is either empty (it doesn’t explain the arrival of consciousness, only its survival) or it presupposes panpsychism—the presence of consciousness in inanimate matter. Panpsychism is anathema to materialists like Coyne, who desperately try to eliminate Mind from nature. Read More ›

Yes, Jerry. Split brains are weird, but not the way you think

Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor, who knows some details about the brain, responds: What is most remarkable about these patients is that after the surgery they are unaffected in everyday life, except for the diminished seizures. Read More ›

Michael Egnor sympathizes with people who think the universe is conscious

Michaael Egnor: There is no doubt that consciousness is a fundamental property of animal and human existence. As philosopher Philip Goff notes, a philosophy that cannot plausibly account for it cannot be correct. Read More ›

Do Jeffrey Shallit’s writings offer more information than a blank page?

Michael Egnor wonders whether that’s true. But he faces the difficulty of convincing anti-ID mathematician Jeffrey Shallit, that HE, at least, ought to think they do. Read More ›

In debating Jerry Coyne, Michael Egnor tries philosophy…

Egnor: The Prime Mover argument is the most popular formal argument for the existence of God, and it is often misunderstood and, when understood, often misrepresented. Atheists, in my experience, never get it right. If they did, they wouldn’t be atheists. Read More ›

Michael Egnor: Did consciousness evolve to help us “find love”?

Egnor: How tight a link might we expect between reproductive success and the contemplation of truth? Not a lot, it would seem, if the experience of philosophy majors on the dating scene is any measure. Read More ›