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Christine Shellska: “Discovering the Discovery Institute” (NOT)

An entire PhD dissertation about the Discovery Institute is being put together by Christine Shellska. Her claim is: I argue that the Discovery Institute has “rebranded” creationism as ID, and that its strategies include attempts to disrupt the translation of evolution into education and the broader public. Discovering the Discovery Institute Some problems with her […]

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Evolutionists Are Losing Ground Badly: Both Pattern and Process Contradict the Aging Theory

It just doesn’t make sense that the entire biological world spontaneously arose all by itself. But the challenges to evolution go far beyond the intuition. When Charles Darwin proposed his unlikely idea in 1859 it defied much of what was known about biology in that day. Today, the situation has only become worse. If there […]

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ID Conference Suggestions?

The recent Engineering and Metaphysics conference (abstract and videos available here) came about because of what I saw as a glaring need in the ID community – a place for mid-level ID researchers to come together and openly talk about topics of interest. Most ID conferences, historically, have been by a fairly closed group of […]