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A review of Nicholas Spencer’s Magisteria: The Entangled Histories of Science and Religion

Wootton on Spencer: "... he doesn’t seem to grasp that the pared down, purely ‘spiritual’ religion he defends has virtually nothing in common with that of Augustine, Calvin, Loyola and Newman." Read More ›

News about the lab leak leaking out – and why it matters to ID

The point isn’t just that the debunkers are proven wrong in principle  (because there was good reason for concern) but that there was never any  reason to give them much credibility in the first place - except that they claimed to represent “science.” A few more blows like this - and they would be just the ones to administer them - and trust in science among the smarter segments of the public will not easily recover. Read More ›

More on the Lab Leak theory vindicated… receipts pile in…

Matt Ridley: To summarise. A bat coronavirus pandemic began in the city with the biggest bat coronavirus lab in the world, a long way from where those viruses are found naturally. It was caused by the first and so-far only sarbecovirus with a furin cleavage site in it, a feature that had been inserted into other coronaviruses nearby, and that had been planned to be inserted into a sarbecovirus for the first time. Read More ›

Lab leak theory vindicated in upper echelons

Turley has the receipts. The COVID crazies have singlehandedly done more damage to “the science” and “trust the science!” than anyone who actually hated science could possibly do. Read More ›

Massive early galaxies defy “prior understanding of the universe”

Tip: If all you want is to have your prior beliefs about the universe confirmed, don’t whack a huge telescope into space and code it to send back real-life actual data. Pound lecterns on behalf of manipulated interpretations of prior data instead. Read More ›

Paul Davies at Closer to Truth: Do ultimate questions evolve?

Note: If the questions are really ultimate questions, they can’t evolve. That’s what “ultimate” means: It’s the last one. But perhaps Davies and various readers have a different view. Read More ›

Rob Sheldon responds to Sabine Hossenfelder’s loss of faith in science

Sabine says 40 years of lack of progress, with 40 years of wrong predictions is not normal, and we should not normalize it. (The field is losing graduate students, which means the end is nigh.) Read More ›

Trust the Science! chronicles: The origin of COVID and Wuhan

Wade: Virologists like Daszak had much at stake in the assigning of blame for the pandemic. For 20 years, mostly beneath the public’s attention, they had been playing a dangerous game. Read More ›