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Allowing Rufo and Lindsay to speak in their own voices,

again, as a certain objector here has accused: Right-wing grifters like Jordan Peterson, James Lindsay, and Christopher Rufo make a lot of money selling these lies to the gullible fools who get their worldview injected into their brains by downloading Fox News propaganda I have not previously heard of these two, but — courtesy YouTube — it is only fair to let them speak for themselves. Rufo: Lindsay: (He was here giving a workshop, and onward sessions here and here may be helpful.) I trust that in future, commenters will refrain from such intemperate language. END F/N: William S Lind interviews Roger Kimball in the 1990’s on culture form marxism and political correctness: Similarly, this discussion of the labour theory Read More ›

Queen Elizabeth II, of the UK and Commonwealth Passes

. . . after 70 years, two hundred fourteen days on the throne, and at age ninety-six. Her Husband, Prince Consort Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, passed on a year ago. Her Majesty was the most admired political and personal figure in the UK. She was immediately succeeded by Charles, Prince of Wales, who may choose a different regnal name. This marks the passing of an era. END

Apparently, scientists are the only ones exempt from the fact that we evolved to have biases…

When science becomes a substitute for religion or philosophy, it must bear the weight of being a certain kind of truth. The trouble is, science isn’t that kind of truth. Read More ›

Another, more nuanced, look at the Rosalind Franklin story

We’ve all heard the story, probably: That Rosalind Franklin (1920–1958) should have shared the Nobel Prize for the double helix with Francis Crick (1916–2004) and James Watson. Science writer Nicholas Wade has gone into the story in considerable detail and finds to be much more complex. Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Researchers: Distrust of science is due to tribal loyalty

There seems to be no recognition that researchers, however fiercely competitive among themselves, also have a tribal loyalty that skews their judgment. Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Researchers: If we tell folks more about science, they trust less

Generally, the remedy for loss of trust after widespread failures is reform of the system, not reform of its doubters. Post-COVID, scientists should take heed. Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Can we eliminate the idea of function from the study of life?

The term “function” in life forms is linked historically with the idea that life forms show evidence of design. Therefore, philosopher Emmanuel Ratti and molecular biologist Pierre-Luc Germain argue, biologists shouldn’t use it ... The problem with their position is not that it is opposed to intelligent design theory but that it is in conflict with the self-evident nature of life forms. Read More ›

The Woke without their makeup …

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Roe (abortion on demand everywhere) unconstitutional, the elite Woke have been rampaging generally - but against one judge in particular. Mr. Justice Clarence Thomas is black and, wouldn’t you know … Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: What’s hot and what’s not in Darwinblogs

Casey Luskin: We’ve seen a decline in the amount of high quality science writing from blogs like Panda’s Thumb. Some old voices in the Darwin blogosphere have diminished and some new ones have popped up. Jerry Coyne certainly is one of the ones that has really popped up on his very popular blog. Read More ›

Why Darwinism can be taught in schools but not ID

Terry Scambray: Ah, the mantra that Americans are addicted to sugary noble lies about their biological and cultural uniqueness is itself a noble lie that the intelligentsia continually uses against their fellow Americans.  It is repeated, for example, when dreadful events occur like the Kennedy assassination or 9/11, the epithet suggesting that Americans can’t stand the truth so they conjure up fantasies which declutter a complicated, messy world full of loose ends.   Read More ›