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Robert J. Marks on why there cannot be an infinite number of universes

The Big Bang Theory sitcom’s Sheldon Cooper insists that in no universe would he dance with Penny. That mighrt be true, says Marks but there still isn’t an infinite number of universes: But, some claim, there is an infinite number of universes in the multiverse. That is ludicrous because there are no infinities in the Read More…

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SIR — “Simple” Basics of Epidemics

Here is a simple SIR model — Susceptible- Infected- Removed: Here, “removed” can be by recovery or death. Obviously parameters are not exact so the next level would explore randomised changes in possible values and time varying models; noting particular clusters that give dramatic outcomes. The S(t) line is an inverted cumulative case curve — Read More…

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Mysterious link between physics and math?

Involving quantum mechanics: In an enormously complicated 165-page paper, computer scientist Zhengfeng Ji and colleagues present a result that penetrates to the heart of deep questions about math, computing and their connection to reality. It’s about a procedure for verifying the solutions to very complex mathematical propositions, even some that are believed to be impossible Read More…

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The remarkable connection between mathematics and physics

According to Mullings, the reason for the association between mathematics and physics is not that the mathematics is causative but rather that mathematics studies the logical structure of possibility and constraint. As a result, if the mathematics successfully captures the possibilities and constraints in the real world, it will provide a tool for further analysis of potential possibilities.