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Orderly Slavery or Dangerous Freedom?

Canada’s Globe and Mail recently published a horrifying exposé of China’s persecution of religious minorities. Large numbers – researchers estimate the total in the hundreds of thousands – of people have been placed in Chinese facilities known as re-education centres, where they are forcibly indoctrinated. The Globe described the “re-education” experience of one woman: The […]

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James Tour

As I write this post, UD’s all-time most accessed post (here) just passed 368,000 views.  Get to know the man who is the subject of that post in this seven-minute video:   Jewish scientist makes the greatest Jewish discovery!! This is crazy!! Jewish scientist, Professor Tour, has been named among “The 50 Most Influential Scientists […]

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Off topic: Fatal Flaws: A Canadian film chronicles the march of euthanasia

My review at MercatorNet: The death with dignity group that contacted me in 1972 and its many successors have achieved much but they are only just beginning. As Dunn puts it, “Almost every country in the world is discussing some form of legalization and America is “at a tipping point.” Now and then the euthanasia […]

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Off topic: Be cautious about claims for the awesome power of standardized tests in predicting education success

Off topic, that is, unless you are thinking of going into debt for someone’s education. From California educator Steven Ma at his blog: The SAT and ACT are important standardized tests in the college admissions process that is inundated with more applications than there is time to read. However, the article in the Wall Street […]

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Free Speech Activist Lindsay Shepherd Does Not Teach At The Same WLU That I Attended 1967-1971

The difference religion makes is not what you might expect. My response to “How a ‘pronoun’ class got a young Canadian academic censured ” by Harley J. Sim at MercatorNet: Readers may wish to supplement Harley Sims’s informative article with Mark Steyn’s commentary on the tape Shepherd dared to make ( and the tape/transcript itself ( On […]

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What do Ricky Gervais and the Assyrian King Sennacherib Have in Common?

They make the same category error. In 701 BC the Assyrian King Sennacherib invaded the Kingdom of Judah.  The Assyrian army besieged Jerusalem and employed what today we would call psychological warfare tactics to undermine the defense of the city.  II Chronicles 32:16-19 records their tactic: His servants spoke further against the Lord God and […]

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Don’t expect a quick end to the war on free speech The momentum of the campaign will be hard to stop

From Denyse O’Leary at MercatorNet: Here are four reasons why the war against freedom will not just somehow lose itself, without our taking any action: 2. Progressive academics are training “child soldiers” to carry out their revolution against intellectual freedom. Put simply, they are teaching their rioting students attitudes, values, and beliefs that guarantee failure […]

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Off topic: How did “populism” become such a dirty word? A left-wing journalist offers some thoughts

From Denyse O’Leary at MercatorNet: Mick Hume’s analysis converges closely with traditionalist/conservative streams of thought, especially in criticising claims that fake news determined election outcomes such as Brexit and Trump. The underlying assumption of many pundits is that the public cannot be trusted to make reasonable judgments in the face of fake news, and that […]