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What about the idea that cells were once much simpler? But how much simpler?

Introducing the third vid in the Long Story Short series (on cell membranes) Rob Stadler comments: First, scientists have been working for decades to simplify existing life, trying to arrive at a minimal viable life form by jettisoning anything that is not essential from the simplest extant cells. The success of Craig Venter’s group is Read More…

Cell biology

Our cells even have tentacles

So the little blobs aren’t nearly as helpless, let alone simple, as they have sometimes been made out to be. It’s quite the little world in there. Unfortunately, some of the cells that probably get a lot of use out of their filapodia are cancer cells. But maybe, the researchers suggest, that fact points to new treatment methods.

Cell biology Intelligent Design Origin Of Life

Origin of life: But how do cells come to have “borders” at all?

Inanimate objects don’t have “borders” because they need not defend themselves against anything. Boulders don’t care if they end up as sand. Having a membrane at all suggests that something is different about life that can’t be explained by the various “It all just happened” scenarios we often hear about how life got started. How did life forms decide they wanted to protect themselves?