Cell biology Intelligent Design stasis

Culturing a tentacled archean in a lab shows eukaryote-like genes from 2 billion years ago

Also, here’s a 2017 Abstract from Nature, noting that “Our results expand the known repertoire of ‘eukaryote-specific’ proteins in Archaea, indicating that the archaeal host cell already contained many key components that govern eukaryotic cellular complexity.” Thus they had that complexity back then. Not so good for Darwinism unless Darwinism is magic.

Cell biology Intelligent Design

Only some cells have “licences” to kill? Let’s look at what that means

The crux we now face: If there is so much intelligent organization in nature that a body resembles a state with a complex government, if there is no design, consciousness itself must also be an evolved illusion., That is a view that many quietly hold. But then science has no defence against the raging Woke, demanding that their grievances be science. There is no way to escape the dilemma: design or chaos