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In addition to other weird characteristics, the platypus has biofluorescent fur

Talk about convergent evolution. And if the timing of the split is correct, 150 million years was the amount of time available, not half a billion years. … at least one species of tardigrade lights up as well. One wonders how exactly the individual species of tardigrade (water bear) began to do that. What was the time frame there?

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Convergent evolution: Psychology Association says killer whales share personality traits with humans, chimps

Using a five-factor test. Convergent evolution is cited: Researchers found that the personality traits of killer whales were similar to those of both humans and chimpanzees but more similar to chimpanzees. Killer whales were similar to chimpanzees and humans for the extraversion factor (e.g., playful, gregarious and sociable). Killer whales and chimpanzees also shared a Read More…

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Convergent eye evolution shows that evolution is “easy”?

Here’s an inventive turn of phrase from Nature: “Eye evolution came easy for simple sea creatures Family tree shows that jellies and their relatives evolved eyes independently at least eight times.” Jellyfish and their kin have no brains and make do with rudimentary nervous systems. But an analysis now shows that these simple sea creatures Read More…