Intelligent Design speciation

Supposedly: Hundreds of new mammal species remain undetected

Look, it is probably true that hundreds of genuine species remain undetected. But in the absence of any rigorous standards for declaring a species, won’t claims like this be used merely for political purposes? Oh, and another paper: “Astonishing!: Separate species frequently hybridize!” Third paper: That’s a big problem! Give us money for extensive efforts to prevent it…. We need legislation…!”

'Junk DNA' Intelligent Design speciation

Researchers: “Junk DNA” plays a key role in speciation

At When the researchers deleted a protein called Prod that binds to a specific satellite DNA sequence in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, the flies’ chromosomes scattered outside of the nucleus into tiny globs of cellular material called micronuclei, and the flies died. “But we realized at this point that this [piece of] satellite DNA that was bound by the Prod protein was completely missing in the nearest relatives of Drosophila melanogaster,” Jagannathan said. “It completely doesn’t exist. So that’s an interesting little problem.”

Human evolution Intelligent Design speciation

From the Smithsonian Magazine on newly unearthed Dragon Man (homo longi)

Much of the text is the usual interminable ingroup squabble among Darwinians about “human speciation” but we do learn things of interest: “The Dragon Man appears to be a 50-something male who was likely a very large and powerful individual. The authors suggest his small hunter-gatherer community settled on a forested floodplain in a Middle Pleistocene environment that could be harsh and quite cold. “

Intelligent Design Racism speciation

Taking aim at species classifier Carl Linnaeus for racism — but not Darwin

Now, how on earth did Haeckel get the idea of “social Darwinism”? Or is it “social Derwoodism.” Surely Haeckel can’t have been riffing of the celebrated Brit toff who wrote all this racist stuff? Whatever, Darwin still has an asbestos reputation among the Woke. Anyone can be blamed for the generally racist attitudes of 19th century scientists except the man who did so much to pass them on.