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At VICE: Our view of intelligent [human] life upended by tools find?

So it’s sort of like your great-uncle and aunt made the tools, not your great-grandparents. And that's supposed to make all the difference? Meanwhile, another "subhuman" candidate to scratch off the list. Read More ›

Astrophysicist insists on the need to distinguish ourselves from nature

But wait! What fuels the possibility of separating ourselves from nature? Every run-of-the-mill science writer knows that we are merely the 99% chimpanzee that cannot transcend the accidental blob/monad-to-man history of life. This human exceptionalism could be the most radical suggestion that Avi Loeb, no stranger to controversy, has ever made. Read More ›

Animals’ “sixth sense” is not just human imagination, as often claimed

At Phys.org: "This study has made significant advances in understanding how animals sense and respond to external magnetic fields—a very active and disputed field." For all we know, humans have that sixth sense too. But we don’t pay much attention to fine points about anything beyond sight, sound, taste, and touch. Read More ›

A mind-controlled wheelchair is a case for the reality of the human mind. Discuss.

From The Scientist: "Three people with limited to no mobility in their limbs were able to navigate a specially designed wheelchair just by thinking about where they wanted to go, a study published today (November 18) in iScience reports. " Read More ›

At Big Think: Brain experiment suggests that consciousness relies on quantum entanglement

As a physicist whose research involved computational nano-electronics, for which the entire physical schema relied upon quantum mechanical transport of electrons through molecular structures, it would seem to be a "no-brainer" that quantum processes (including entanglement) are prevalent in brain activity. Read More ›