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Astrophysicist: The Big Bang says nothing about how the cosmos came to be

Has Frank just given away the store to theists? The situation is exactly what we would expect if the cosmos is designed by a supernatural intelligence. We can learn how it works but the inventor exists and works at a higher level. We get only scattered, partial insights as to that. Read More ›

Massive early galaxies defy “prior understanding of the universe”

Tip: If all you want is to have your prior beliefs about the universe confirmed, don’t whack a huge telescope into space and code it to send back real-life actual data. Pound lecterns on behalf of manipulated interpretations of prior data instead. Read More ›

Rob Sheldon responds to Sabine Hossenfelder’s loss of faith in science

Sabine says 40 years of lack of progress, with 40 years of wrong predictions is not normal, and we should not normalize it. (The field is losing graduate students, which means the end is nigh.) Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Nobelist Roger Penrose talks about his impossible triangle

Penrose attempts a minimalist position when defending the reality of both mathematics and the mind in a world where many believe that only the physical exists. Read More ›

At Big Think: The 4 fundamental meanings of “nothing” in science

Evidence from cosmological observations, coupled with Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and research into the physics of the singularity out of which the universe began most strongly argues that matter and energy, space and time all came into existence from a true nothingness. Read More ›