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Human evolution

At VICE: Our view of intelligent [human] life upended by tools find?

So it’s sort of like your great-uncle and aunt made the tools, not your great-grandparents. And that's supposed to make all the difference? Meanwhile, another "subhuman" candidate to scratch off the list. Read More ›

Astrophysicist insists on the need to distinguish ourselves from nature

But wait! What fuels the possibility of separating ourselves from nature? Every run-of-the-mill science writer knows that we are merely the 99% chimpanzee that cannot transcend the accidental blob/monad-to-man history of life. This human exceptionalism could be the most radical suggestion that Avi Loeb, no stranger to controversy, has ever made. Read More ›

Bad data from the academy? Darwinism makes it worse

But by embracing a Darwinian perspective, Breuning flushed down the toilet any chance of understanding the reality of human life and the human mind. Those pop psych academics she opposes are then doing the right thing and she should support them. Read More ›

What science media make of the 3 million year old tool assembly, recently found

Some of us suspect that it is long past time someone shone a light on how these classifications of early humans are really created. How much is evidence and how much is underlying assumption? Read More ›

From Frontiers Science News: Neanderthals cooked and ate crabs too

Well, that’d never do. We are all expected to be slack-jawed in amazement when what we might have expected - that is, if we didn’t buy into that Darwinian Ascent of Man stuff - turns out to be true. We are paying more for Darwinism than we might sometimes think. Read More ›

At Smithsonian Magazine: Neanderthals hunted and butchered massive elephants

"...yet another piece of evidence to suggest that humans’ closest ancient relatives were more sophisticated and skilled than the brutish oafs popular culture has made them out to be.” Just a minute here. Popular culture did NOT get that idea from thin air. It was carefully inculcated by science popularizers because it tied in with Darwinian Ascent of Man stuff. If it’s not true, let’s be honest about how the correct information affects the establishment science narrative. Read More ›