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Dictionary of Christianity and science features ID contributors

… talking about ID. From Zondervan Academic: We are now just several weeks away from the release of the Dictionary of Christianity and Science. We have been encouraged by the response so far—it has occupied the #1 New Release spot on Amazon in the category of Christian Bible Dictionaries & Encyclopedias for much of the […]

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BioLogos encounters Ark Encounter

BioLogos exists to reconcile Christians to evolution, which today seems to mainly mean Darwinism (“modern science” ). From their prez Deborah Haarsma: When people accept the AiG narrative that these scientific conclusions are essential to Christianity, then their faith is often shaken when they encounter the incredible explanatory power of modern science. In fact, we […]

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God of the Gaps and ID

From “Intelligent Design: a Theological and Philosophical Analysis” by Erkki Vesa Rope Kojonen the Journal of Analytic Theology Abstract: “The “God of the gaps” critique is one of the most common arguments against design arguments in biology, but is also increasingly used as a critique of other natural theological arguments. In this paper, I analyze […]

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Study: Christians for Darwin are mere dogmatists

Closing off our religion coverage for the week (a bit late), we hear from Filthy Monkey Men (an evolutionary anthropology blog by a Liverpool Student with Attitude): Lots of religious people accept evolution, but they typically only do so because they’re following religious dogma, not because they understand the subject So some researchers decided to […]

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Claim: Natural selection does not refute design?

Oops. One last religion news item just landed: A friend writes to say that these guys didn’t get the memo from theistic evolutionists that an explanation by natural selection doesn’t refute intelligent design: From Thiago Hutter, Carine Gimbert, Frédéric Bouchard and François-Joseph Lapointe, “Being human is a gut feeling,” Microbiome, (2015) 3:9: Before Darwin, intelligent […]

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Casey Luskin on TE’s evidence-phobia

Closing our religion coverage for the week: In a 2014 article in Christian Research Journal, “The New Theistic Evolutionists: BioLogos and the Rush to Embrace the ‘Consensus’ (not online), Luskin writes: Of course, when BioLogos claims “it is all intelligently designed,” they mean that strictly as a faith-based theological doctrine for which they can provide […]

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Is this guy the Baptist Dawkins?

Hey, peace—for all its faults, it’s still a free country. And after Karl Giberson and Peter Enns, one’s entitled to at least wonder about stuff like that… Anyway, Waynesburg University (Pennsylvania) biology prof Wayne Rossiter writes at Shadow of Oz blog: Unfortunately, Dr. Paul Wallace (an astronomer and ordained Baptist minister) has proven Daniel Dennett’s point, […]

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Wayne Rossiter asks: What the Lamoureux?

Waynesburg University (Pennsylvania) biology prof Wayne Rossiter, author of In the Shadow of Oz, offers thoughts on Saturday’s debate in Toronto: Lamoureux’s role in the debate was largely to offer a robotic rolodex of tired cliché’s (e.g., “I find the evidence for evolution overwhelming, there is no debate on that,” and “biology only makes sense […]

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At Forbes: Dump the term “theistic evolution”

Ending our religion coverage for the week, from John Farrell at Forbes: It’s Time To Retire ‘Theistic Evolution’ His basic point is that it is all just evolution, and any talk of “theistic” is superfluous. And it’s well past its sell-by date. More. Farrell makes quite clear that there is no essential difference between “theistic” […]

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Baylor U doc not Darwinist. But sky didn’t fall?

A reader writes to ask why Dr. Joseph Kuhn didn’t get the same treatment: at Baylor University Medical Center for a 2012 article, “Dissecting Darwinism,” as Bill Dembski got at Baylor U in 2000?: William Dembski was already a research fellow for the Seattle-based Discovery Institute when he was approached by Baylor University President Robert […]