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Astrophysicist: The Big Bang says nothing about how the cosmos came to be

Has Frank just given away the store to theists? The situation is exactly what we would expect if the cosmos is designed by a supernatural intelligence. We can learn how it works but the inventor exists and works at a higher level. We get only scattered, partial insights as to that. Read More ›

Harvard Astronomer: The wonders of the universe point to a creator

From Catholic News Agency: "She also said that belief in God, far from being an impediment to scientific inquiry, actually can be helpful for scientists because of the “sure foundation” that belief in a Creator provides. Öberg herself is a convert from atheism." Read More ›

Simon Conway Morris on his new book on Evolution, Convergence, and Theism

Sean Carroll: Simon Conway Morris is a paleontologist and evolutionary biologist who’s new book is From Extraterrestrials to Animal Minds: Six Myths of Evolution. He is known as a defender of evolutionary convergence and adaptationism — even when there is a mass extinction, he argues, the resulting shake-up simply accelerates the developments evolution would have made anyway. Read More ›

Wm Lane Craig on Systematic Philosophical Theology

He has a book that seems to be forthcoming. Here is a Talbot introductory lecture: He has a Q&A: A key clip: Notice, a paper, here. Excerpting Dr Clinton: Ostensibly, the reason for a ‘system’ of theology is that someone, or some group, has come to understand the teachings of the Bible and of their church in a distinctive, organized way, and is ready to share that organized thinking with their church and the world. Such systems grow much more intricate and complex when they add the results of the first three councils, historical theology, integration of thinking outside any one specific approach, and broader interaction with human experience.Logic informs all such conceptual systems. But far more than logical thinking Read More ›

The American Christians did not “wage war on” Darwin either — not at first

Incidentally, he notes a coalescence among some Christian thinkers today between Darwin and the much-ridiculed William Paley (19th century design proponent). Yes? That whirring sound you hear is Darwin spinning in his grave, reaching unthinkable speeds… Read More ›

Why did the evangelical Christian world go nuts for Christian Darwinism a decade ago?

Contra Trendy Christians: It makes sense that all humans would descend from a single couple. If you had to account for something like, say, human consciousness, isn’t it easier to address that if we all belong to the same family of origin? Would you prefer to explain the development of human consciousness assuming that we come from multiple different ones? Darn good thing if someone can prove its true genetically. Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Multiverse cosmology is not a good argument against God

God could have created countless universes on various principles for a variety of reasons. The key argument against the multiverse is that there is no evidence for it; it takes us outside the realm of observable science — a choice with consequences. Read More ›