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Earth’s core hardened just in time to prevent magnetic field collapse

Around 565 million years ago, just when life was getting seriously underway: The finding, reported online January 28 in Nature Geoscience, supports an idea previously proposed by simulations that Earth’s inner core is relatively young. It also provides insight into how, and how quickly, Earth has been losing heat since its formation 4.54 billion years ago […]


Researchers: Standard explanation for how Earth’s core formed is not possible

From Brandon Spektor at LiveScience: Earth’s Inner Core Shouldn’t Technically Exist In the paper, the researchers argued that the standard model of how the Earth’s core formed is missing a crucial detail about how metals crystallize: a mandatory, massive drop in temperature that would be extremely difficult to achieve at core pressures. Weirder still, the […]

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Water forms superionic ice, a “new” metal-like state with H+ ions as charge carriers

Water is of central interest to ID and to many other fields of study relevant to the cosmos and in the world of life. Accordingly, the recent experimental discovery of a predicted metal-like state with a grid of O atoms and with H+ ions flowing through, is significant news.  As NY Times reports: >>This new […]

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An Earth sciences outsider, not a recognized expert, put Pangaea together

The critical problem is that rejection of competing ideas is not necessarily based on the correctness of the mainstream idea. Often, it is based on control of money, status, and power, rampant egos, and endless politics. This animated short tells the story of Alfred Wegener, a German astronomer and atmospheric scientist, who came up with […]

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Extinct bird may change geological theories

From ScienceDaily: A University of Adelaide study into New Zealand’s acanthisittid wrens has provided compelling evidence that, contrary to some suggestions, New Zealand was not completely submerged under the ocean around 21 to 25 million years ago. “Most surprisingly, we found that some of the wren species were only distantly related to each other, potentially […]

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Where Did The Water Come From?

Having read the recent post here on where Earth’s water came from, I just stumbled across an interesting article over at from June of this year, evidently commenting on a find that was originally reported in Science (at least, that’s what I’ve gathered from reading a bit about it elsewhere). I’m not sure if anything came […]

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DNA half-life only 521 years, so is dino DNA and insect amber DNA young?

If paleontology lives by radiometric dating, it also dies by radiometric dating. Either DNA trapped in 200 million-year-old Jurassic insect amber is young or it has some unexplained source. I argue it is young. Radiometric C-14 dates of fossils say the fossils are young. As I’ve said many times, the radiometric date of 65 million-year-old […]


Saluting Dr. Paul Giem

UD is honored to have Dr. Paul Giem as an occasional visitor. Here is Dr. Giem’s bio: Paul Giem, medical research Dr. Giem is assistant professor of emergency medicine at Loma Linda University. He holds a B.A. in chemistry from Union College, Nebraska, an M.A. in religion from Loma Linda University and an M.D. from […]