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theistic evolution

Cold Case Detective J. Warner Wallace on the “God of the Gaps”

Essentially, as Cold-Case Christianity’s J. Warner Wallace, the retired Los Angeles Police Detective who specialized in solving murder cases that had remained unsolved for year, explains, particular evidence requires certain characteristics in order to have explanatory power. Read More ›

Ultra-In mag New Yorker: “For our nation and our species, the future depends” on Francis Collins’s success…

One way of looking at it: In light of the appalling treatment of infants under Collins’s regime, he is just the sort of individual that the New Yorker would want to represent evangelical Christians — or any other group that its staff despise. Read More ›

William Lane Craig defends theistic evolution at Peaceful Science

On theological but not necessarily scientific grounds. Some of us would think that if theistic evolution fails a science test, one needn’t bother with the theology. But maybe we misunderstand. Read More ›

Francis Collins in the hot seat re COVID-19

Readers may know Collins from his role promoting theistic evolution and/or some ethical issues around accusations of the use of premature babies as guinea pigs. More recently, his recent and unexpected resignation from the directorship of National Institutes of Health has created expected questions around the Institute’s handling of COVID-19. ... If Collins was confronted about that e-mail for the first time — after a year and a half — most U.S. media have way too cozy a relationship with science bureaucrats. Read More ›

A Muslim design advocate responds to efforts to “Islamize” Darwinism

Muzzafar Iqbal: After one hundred and seventy years of sound and fury surrounding “Darwin’s dangerous idea”,[1] one would expect everything has been said by all sides and there is no further need to write on the subject. Yet, what Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) once said seems to hold true: “Truth, Sir, is a cow that will yield such people no more milk, and so they are gone to milk the bull.”[2] “Such people”, for Samuel Johnson, were the skeptics of his time, but in our protean world, “such people” are people of faith who are keeping the Darwin industry afloat… Read More ›

BioLogos hopes to calm the fears of ignorant Christians about “evolution”

What some of us find curious is that Christian evolutionists so seldom want to grasp the fact that the problem for most Christians is Darwinism, which is an explicitly materialist and naturalist theory of everything. The problem is not “evolution” as in antibiotics. Read More ›

More on Dr Kojonen’s Darwinist evolution is an expression of deeper design thesis,

as, it is worthy of further consideration (which is not the same as an endorsement). I headline a comment: [[Kojonen develops his case further: I will . . . argue in this book that the teleological order of biological organisms can still, in a rationally permissible way, be understood as a sign of the divine reality, even in an evolutionary cosmos. [ –> a if not necessarily the main thesis] . . . . According to [American Botanist, Asa] Gray (1860), evolution actually “leaves the question of design just where it was before,” because the biological design argument does not in any way depend on whether God created living organisms directly, through miracles, or through a secondary cause such as Read More ›

Christian Darwinists must now backtrack re Adam and Eve

Casey Luskin: "When I was reading the rhetoric used by evangelical elites who advocated abandoning a historical Adam and Eve, I was struck by how much of it seemed driven by fear — fear of looking foolish before the world because you challenged evolution and were shown to be wrong." Maybe being right, sticking with their tradition, would have been a bigger problem for them. Read More ›

Casey Luskin: The mytho-history of Adam, Eve, and William Lane Craig

Long a defender of orthodoxy, Craig seems to want to prune the orthodoxies he is expected to defend. But the pruning process in which he is engaged can never really stop. The “sensible God” is most likely the one looking back at us from our medicine cabinet mirrors. Read More ›

Evangelical scientists getting it wrong…

Casey Luskin: Craig continues to rely upon BioLogos arguments that pseudogenes are “broken” and non-functional junk DNA that we share with apes, thereby demonstrating our common ancestry. Those arguments are increasingly contradicted by evidence presented in highly authoritative scientific papers which find that pseudogenes are commonly functional, and they ought not be assumed to be genetic “junk.” Read More ›

John West on C.S. Lewis (who was not really a “theistic evolutionist” as the term is understood today)

West: "Indeed, [Ken] Miller insists that 'mankind’s appearance on this planet was not preordained, that we are here… as an afterthought, a minor detail, a happenstance in a history that might just as well have left us out.'" Needless to say, Lewis did not subscribe to anything similar to this and might not have recognized it as Christian. Read More ›

Did Francis Collins or Anthony Fauci have any role in the slow torture death of beagle puppies in Tunisia?

As now alleged? Some US legislators want answers. We’ve been warning for some time that “Trust the Science” is going to take a huge — and well-deserved — beating among intelligent people. This’ll help that along. Read More ›

John West on the tragedy of Francis Collins’s model of science and faith

If Collins stands for “theistic evolution,” reading about it has made some of us feel better about atheistic evolution. At least the atheistic evolutionists don’t pretend that they think human beings have intrinsic value. You know where you are with them. Read More ›

At Evolution News and Science Today: The Appalling Moral Failure of Francis Collins

John G. West: The disclosures about the experiments followed Collins’s repeal earlier this year of restrictions on the use of aborted fetal tissue in NIH-funded research… researchers also sliced off skin from the scalp of the aborted babies and then grafted the fetal skin onto the mice. In the words of the scientists: “Full-thickness human fetal skin was processed via removal of excess fat tissues attached to the subcutaneous layer of the skin, then engrafted over the rib cage, where the mouse skin was previously excised.” The body parts used for these experiments were harvested from aborted human fetuses with a gestational age of 18-20 weeks. By that age, an unborn baby has brain waves and a beating heart. He can hear sounds and move his limbs and eyes ... Read More ›