Cambrian explosion Intelligent Design

Researchers: Trilobites breathed through their legs

How this finding situates trilobites “more securely in between older arthropods … and crustaceans” is unclear. Apparently, crustaceans don’t breathe through their legs. Did the older arthropods breathe through THEIR legs? In any event, this find implies that the crustaceans underwent a dramatic switch in breathing mechanics, of which we apparently don’t have an account. How could we? We only found out about what the trilobites do very recently.

Cambrian explosion Intelligent Design

If you get canceled, like paleontologist Gunter Bechly, where do you go?

Klinghoffer: Dr. Bechly recently penned a blockbuster 14-part series debunking Kimberella as a solution to the Cambrian Explosion. In case you missed it, it is a monumental, and morally important, piece of scholarship. The Cambrian event, a massive saltation, remains an unsolvable mystery for Darwinists, with all that implies about the evidence for purpose and design.

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Sophisticated eyes from over 500 million years ago

Okay, but wait. Just because it would benefit a life form to have sophisticated eyes does not mean that it can just start growing them. That’s where Darwinism begins to shade into magic. There’s a missing factor here: How, exactly, were the prey life forms enabled to participate in the complex business of producing vision in response to the predator’s vision?

Cambrian explosion Intelligent Design

At Geological Society of America’s house rag: QUIT calling it the Cambrian Explosion!

Sorry, guys. The Cambrian is a bit like quantum theory. Anyone who ISN’T flummoxed by it doesn’t understand it. Now comes the punch line: “We suggest, as an alternative to “Cambrian explosion,” the Great Cambrian Biodiversification (GCB)…” Sure, that’ll catch on. It sounds like a large animal vet’s description of an elephant’s bowel problems.