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Intelligent Design Paley's ghost speaks out

At Evolution News: Natural Machinery Operates Without Intervention; But How?

David Coppedge: “The old mechanical philosophy is hopelessly inadequate for these realities. The reason? We know from our experience that unguided natural law does not produce machinery, factories, and quality control. Something else is required: information.” He recommended Bill Dembski’s book, Being as Communion.

extinction Intelligent Design

Some species thought to be extinct may simply be “lost”

Apart from loss of habitat due to human encroachment, it would be interesting to know whether there is much study of patterns that govern extinctions — that is, natural extinctions. Paleontologist David Raup (1933–2015) wrote quite a good book on the topic, Extinction: Bad Genes or Bad Luck in 1991 but it’s not clear how much has been done since then.