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Hype vs. Hope (& superposition)

L&FP, 65g: Quantum vs classical digital computing — hope or hype? (Or, superposition?)

Quantum computing, of course, has been a hot sci-tech topic in recent years, what with stories as to how it will obsolete the large prime number product encryption schemes that give us some of our strongest codes, and stories of vast computing power exponentially beyond our hottest supercomputers today. With hot money being poured in by the wheelbarrow load. (Well, maybe buckets of bits as most serious transactions are digital nowadays. Itself already a problem . . . security is an issue.) What are we to make of this? (My bet is, superposition. Itself, a core quantum issue.) Reader and commenter, Relatd, has given us a useful, first level video: (A good place to begin, a useful survey with some Read More ›