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Winston Ewert on his dependency graph model of the relationship of life forms

Programmer Winston Ewert has developed a dependency graph, as an alternative to the Darwinian “tree of life,” to understand relationships among life forms. Here he discusses it with Jonathan McLatchie: Dr. Winston Ewert … proposes an alternative model to common descent to explain the hierarchical classification of life. Based on his paper published in Bio-Complexity, […]

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Evolutionary informatics: A simplified explanation of Winston Ewert’s dependency graph

From Cornelius Hunter at Evolution News and Science Today: A recent paper in the journal BIO-Complexity, authored by Winston Ewert, uses a dependency graph approach to model the relationships between the species. This idea is inspired by computer science which makes great use of dependency graphs for packaging of software and optimization of software architecture. […]

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On the absurdity of “naturalism” (and the equal absurdity of its censorship of science and education)

A little while ago, UD’s News noted on the tenth anniversary of Louisiana’s science education law, and an exchange has developed on the significance of “methodological” and “philosophical” “naturalism” in science, education — and by implication society. A crucial issue is the July 2000 statement of the US National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) on science […]

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AI, state/configuration space search and the ID search challenge

In his well-known work, No Free Lunch, p. 11, ID Researcher William A Dembski has illustrated the search challenge concept in terms of an arrow hitting a target amidst a reference class of possibilities. In so doing, he reaches back to the statistical mechanical and mathematical concept of a phase space “cut down” to address […]

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AI, intelligent agency and the intersection with ID

This is a theme of increasing significance for the ID debate, but also it has overtones for an era where AI technologies may be driving the next economic long wave. Which is of instant, global importance, hence the Perez idealised Long wave illustration: However, this is not about economics (save, as a context for major […]

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AI, Memristors and the future (could “conscious” machines lie ahead?)

AI — artificial intelligence — is emerging as a future-driver. For example, we have been hearing of driver-less cars, and now we have helmsman-less barges: As The Guardian reports: >>The world’s first fully electric, emission-free and potentially crewless container barges are to operate from the ports of Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam from this summer. The […]

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Darwinism vs. mathematics in a post-modern world

Further to “Evolutionary informatics has come a long way since a Baylor dean tried to shut down the lab,” Philip Cunningham writes to introduce a new vid, Darwinian Evolution vs. Mathematics, documentary support here. Question: Will post-modernism give Darwinism an extra lease on life, by making clear that mathematics is a tool of oppression anyway? […]

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Evolutionary informatics has come a long way since a Baylor dean tried to shut down the lab

On the theory that it might reflect badly on Darwin (2007). The lab moved off campus and continued. Robert Marks II writes to offer updates on the Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics book (Robert J. Marks, William A. Dembski and Winston Ewert, 2017) Podcast: (AI) Robert Crowther “Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never Replace Humanity,” Interview with […]

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Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics: Media to get you started

Baylor computer scientist Robert Marks II checks in with news about the new book Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics: – (AI-CA) “The Mind Renewed” has published the transcript of the “Dr. Robert J. Marks II : Evolutionary Informatics” interview. Audio. YouTube. – (AI) Essay: “Why You Shouldn’t Worry About A.I. Taking Over the World” by R.J. […]

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Researcher: Genome not an unstructured strand but “a highly structured and meaningful design”

From Mario Aguilera at U San Diego News: Intricate human physiological features such as the immune system require exquisite formation and timing to develop properly. Genetic elements must be activated at just the right moment, across vast distances of genomic space. “Promoter” areas, locations where genes begin to be expressed, must be paired precisely with […]

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Origin of life: Informational principles or “other laws”

Jeremy England’s origin of life claims have been in the news lately. A friend points us to a paper by Sara Walker: Origins of Life: A Problem for Physics Abstract: The origins of life stands among the great open scientific questions of our time. While a number of proposals exist for possible starting points in […]

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Math vs. Darwinian evolution

From Robert Marks II, author (with Dembski and Ewert) of Evolutionary Informatics at Evolution News & Views: On a new episode of ID the Future, CSC Director of Communications Rob Crowther talks with Robert Marks, Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Baylor University, about Marks’s new book, Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics, which makes […]


Who thinks Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics should be on your summer reading list?

Robert Marks sends these endorsements for Evolutionary Informatics: (Note: It is surprisingly easy to read.) ··············· “An honest attempt to discuss what few people seem to realize is an important problem. Thought provoking!” Gregory Chaitin, Ph.D. Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Eponyms: Kolmogorov-Chaitin-Solomonov Information Theory Chaitin’s Number Chaitin’s algorithm Author of:The Unknowable Meta […]

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Information theory is bad news for Darwin: Evolutionary informatics takes off

  The book Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics continues to make waves. The Lab writes to say: A lot continues to happen surrounding the release of “Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics” by Robert J. Marks, William A. Dembski and Winston Ewert: Here’s a quick summary of media. – AI means the topic is Artificial Intelligence hype – […]