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Sabine Hossenfelder asks: Will the Big Bang repeat?

Hossenfelder: I am not sure that CCC actually solves the problem it was supposed to solve. Remember we are trying to explain the past hypothesis. But a scientific explanation shouldn’t be more difficult than the thing you’re trying to explain. And CCC requires some assumptions, about the conformal invariance and the erebons, that at least to me don’t seem any better than the past hypothesis.

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At CNN: The Problem with the Big Bang Theory

The story is really about the fact that inflation theory — way Cooler than the Big Bang — was not especially confirmed. Get this: it’s important to remember that “there are no sacred cows in science, and scientists are always checking and rechecking even their favorite universal models.” – Don Lincoln Really, Don? Try doubting that humans are responsible for global warming and watch the herd of sacred cows stampede…

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Rob Sheldon on the current trend to non-theist intelligent design (ID) theory

When some people wrote privately to protest that this ET>Big Bang stuff is all just one space bunny too far down the cosmic path, I (O’Leary for News) pointed out in response that Neil deGrasse Tyson (here), Martin Rees (here), and Elon Musk (here) have also suggested that very thing. Well, now theoretical physicist Rob Sheldon writes to offer some thoughts on the new-found popularity.