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Peer reviewed paper calls for changes to Darwinism

Stay tuned. If conclusions that cast doubt on settled, easy Darwinism are allowed to just be published and stay published, with no one punished - think of the huge swathes of sloppy Darwinian claims in the literature that could suddenly become subject to actual scrutiny… Omigosh… it would start to look like actual science… Read More ›

Nigerian pastor on Darwin’s legacy in Africa

Olufemi Oluniyi, was writing a book on the inmpact of Social Darwinism in Nigeria and he managed to send his manuscript to the Discovery Institute before his death from COVID in 2021. Read More ›

Abraham Lincoln’s odd connection with Darwin

At this point, Darwinism) is simply a religion, one of the strands of “the Science” now promoted by publications like Scientific American and Nature that used to retail science, as such, for popular understanding. Read More ›

Bad data from the academy? Darwinism makes it worse

But by embracing a Darwinian perspective, Breuning flushed down the toilet any chance of understanding the reality of human life and the human mind. Those pop psych academics she opposes are then doing the right thing and she should support them. Read More ›

A rabbi shares the insights from a new space alien friend about random evolution

Lee Spetner, in his extremely informative book The Evolution Revolution, drives home the point that if you don't have a mechanism to explain circumstantial evidence, your evidence simply doesn't count. Read More ›

Bill Dembski offers some guidance on reading Darwinian Jason Rosenhouse

Bill Dembski: So much in Rosenhouse’s book is careless, sloppy, giving no indication that he has carefully studied and adequately comprehended my work or that of my colleagues. Read More ›

Royal Society lecturer says what Richard Weikart has been saying for years?

Weikart has written a number of books in his long academic career on the links between Darwinism and malign social trends like elitism and racism. Read More ›

Templeton offers a review of the extended evolutionary synthesis

But, to the extent that Darwinism is all-sufficient, the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis, pioneered by Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge attempts to solve a problem that doesn’t — in theory — exist … But, if it DOES exist... Read More ›