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Animal minds

Animals’ “sixth sense” is not just human imagination, as often claimed

At Phys.org: "This study has made significant advances in understanding how animals sense and respond to external magnetic fields—a very active and disputed field." For all we know, humans have that sixth sense too. But we don’t pay much attention to fine points about anything beyond sight, sound, taste, and touch. Read More ›

Claim: Cuttlefish can solve problems developed for children

Cuttlefish are a problem for conventional assumptions about animal mind. Like their kin octopuses, they are exothermic invertebrates — not supposed to be smart, as the video points out. But as smart as children? Let us know when they grow up to teach calculus at the local U. Read More ›

Oxytocin — that supposedly creates attraction — not needed, new study shows

Well, it might be genes.... But gosh, if researchers can’t easily find a purely materialist explanation for devotion even in a rodent, why are we supposed to be listening to “the Voice of Science” on such topics where humans are concerned? Read More ›

At Science News: Fish can recognize themselves in photos, thus may be self-aware

Cleaner wrasses may be self-aware, of course. But just as we would not conclude that a dog who flunks the mirror test is not self-aware, we should not conclude that the fish who passes it IS self-aware. We need to know what else the dog or the fish does that implies self-awareness. Read More ›

Unique octopus genes seem to have appeared from nowhere

The octopus — a highly intelligent short-lived exothermic invertebrate — should sink lectern-splintering Darwinism — but then the octo does not have tenure and many of the lectern splinterers do. That’s life. But so is finding out the facts. Read More ›

Are crows really as smart as 7 year old children?

Pro and con videos. What's really interesting is that anyone actually counters the statement.  In a materialist society, people take for granted that that is true  without ever wondering why crows are sitting on OUR telephone poles....    Read More ›