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Coppedge case: Hostility to ID is largely information-free

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Evolution News and Views

In “Ignorance Isn’t Bliss: Coppedge’s Accusers Don’t Understand Intelligent Design” (Evolution News & Views, April 16, 2012), Casey Luskin notes,

As the David Coppedge v. Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) trial ends today with closing arguments, we thought it would be a good time to review what some of Coppedge’s accusers at JPL thought about intelligent design (ID). A common theme emerges: David Coppedge was surrounded by people on the Cassini project who hadn’t studied ID, and knew virtually nothing about it, but were generally hostile towards ID, and despite their self-confessed ignorance, are sure it’s a religious viewpoint.

It’s not their fault. To the extent that they grew up with and still listen to legacy mainstream media, they believe that William Lane Craig has a religious viewpoint but Richard Dawkins does not.

The underlying assumption of legacy media is that all viewpoints are merely bids for power, not convictions based on evidence.

The legacy media is betting that the Dawkins crowd is winning. Their coverage is usually based on that assumption, and that is where most people still get their news, though the balance is tipping more to new media  every day.

The court’s decision could go either way at this point.

Note: It’s not that there isn’t an anti-ID blogosphere (yes, there is, and it’s huge), but in the blogosphere, you decide what you want to listen to.

There is no Blog of Record.

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"The underlying assumption of legacy media is that all viewpoints are merely bids for power, not convictions based on evidence."
That may just be the best, succinct description of the worldview schism I've ever encountered. material.infantacy
News: At a certain level, and when your decisions have real consequences for real people, you have a DUTY OF CARE to truth and fairness. On pain of being on the wrong side of tort law, much less basic morality. I frankly hope some people here get so sharply rapped on the knuckles that a lot of people acting on prejudice will wake up real fast. KF kairosfocus

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