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Revealing comments on astronomer Gonzalez appointment at Inside Higher Ed …


… are, in some part, a snapshot of the corruption in academic life today.

(Guillermo “Privileged Planet” Gonzalez, successful exoplanet hunter and “billions of habitable worlds” skeptic*, was offered a position at Ball State University (Indiana) recently, having been denied tenure at Iowa State, after a campaign by local atheists.)

Now, re the (so far) sixteen Comments at this quick take at Inside Higher Ed:

The “Hitler” card was played almost immediately. I wonder if this is done in a Machiavellian style simply to subvert discussion.

Is there any Grave Five graduate out there who doesn’t know that that is always what happens? No, we thought not. So, when someone does it…

We read comments that such hirings should

automatically decertify the institution

and that

… He is no scientist and shouldn’t be allowed the mantle.

Mantle? You mean like a magician?

Neither of these people sound like they even know very much about the situation, but the message is clear: His work doesn’t matter; only his private assessments.

No wonder PayPal’s Peter Thiel gave kids money not to go to university.

(Heck, many kids could save that much just by not borrowing the money to go to university.)

Look, we can all run into these types of people anyway for absolutely free in the waiting room or at the coffee urn. People used to pay to go to university in order to hear a higher class of argument from smarter people.

Them was the days.

Write to the higher-ups at Ball and congrat them on looking at what the guy can do for them, not backing down from increasingly empty threats from Darwin's zealots (what are they doing in Gonzalez's area anyway - aren't they out of bounds?) - O'Leary News
higher education is truly a corrupt thing in north America. it was made for the people to gain greater education and the degrees witnessing it and add to the nations remembering others wanted in too. instead today it shows no relationship to the right people of North america and is a sign of great evil with the progress of our nations and civilization. Its a sign of the dream of our ancestors and our parents being wickedly thrown away. The absurd war against the cHristian religion in all species is just more evidence of a invasion and occupation by the bad people and bad forces of history once again taking root after their seeming great defeat in the last centuries. Creationism, YEC and ID, are part of what should be a greater resistance to war against Canada and America by the enemies of mankind. Perhaps I'm putting it too softly but I'm not a tough guy. Robert Byers
Thank you for the update on Gil Gonzalez, as frustrating as the news is. It's been years since I had the pleasure of meeting him. Would it helpful to write in support of him and if so to whom? The department head? The dean of his college? jdavidmartin
From O'Leary: Well, let's see. He thinks Earth is in an especially favourable location for life. He doubts that billions of planets are. That means he isn't a scientist because a scientist would conclude that if Earth is in an especially favourable location for life, billions of planets must be. Otherwise Earth might be unusual or something. And we can't consider any evidence for that. It is too much like religion. Or else it is religion. Consult your handbook for details. The skinny is: You can propagate any absurdity and enforce any kind of fascism or drivel as long as you can make out that whatever you re doing falls under the definition of "science," which includes anything published in pop science mags. You will be driven from the academy if whatever you are doing, however well supported by evidence, reminds some scholarly thug of some religion or other. Trust that clears it up. ;) News
Scientists receive mantles? Do they get to wear funny hats, too? To my knowledge, Gonzalez holds a PhD in astronomy (or physics? Or both?). Why wouldn't that alone qualify him as a scientist? Barb

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