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[Administrative] Akismet Spam Filter Getting Wonky

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If anyone whose comments have been showing up right away after submission is finding them being delayed or never showing up at all it’s probably because the third party service we use to keep spam (unwanted advertisements) out of the commentary is unpredictably flagging a lot of legitimate comments as spam. If it’s any consolation even authors and editors here (myself included) are getting comments held up for no discernable reason.

I post both from office and home computers, with different IPs. I have noticed that while the messages dispathed through the first IP go in line immediately, the othe ones appear after a long delay or, sometimes, they don't appear at all. kairos
DaveScot A matter of curiosity. What software is used to run this blog? I like the instant feeding of the "Recent Comments" and "Additional Descent" columns very much. MatthewTan
the fact that our intelligence is so much more reliable
Heh, you don't know my next-door neighbors... Patrick
I'm betting that Akismet us using an "artificial intelligence" algorithm to implement their spam filters. The dynamic learning process of AI algorithms often seem to send them into wonky overreactions. My view is that AI is harder for humans to implement than is worth it in virtually all real-world situations. Alas, the fact that our intelligence is so much more reliable than this is evidence that whoever designed us is far beyond us. bFast

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