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As of tomorrow (Friday, November 14th), Barry Arrington assumes the leadership of UD. After more than three years at the helm, I’m finally stepping down. I expect I’ll still be posting here occasionally, but my energies will go more and more into technical ID research. Robert Marks and I continue to crank away at papers and have finally cracked the peer-review barrier in the information sciences with a paper on conservation of information (stay tuned at www.EvoInfo.org for a formal announcement).

Barry has organized UD as a non-profit corporation and plans to take UD in some new directions that will increase its readership, sense of community, and impact. Take it away Barry!

Even if I swim in the sea. Or decide to plant some peas. You will always be # 1 By me. Dougie. DougieBear
So long Dr. Dembski. You will always be, Number 1 by me. DougieBear
A salute song for you Dr. Dembski: Kutless- Shut Me Out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_2TE7dldGs bornagain77
Bill thank you very much for your invaluable work during the last year and congratulations for the recent peer reviewed paper, I hope the first one of a long sequence. Barry congratulations and best wishes for your new role kairos
To add to the above, thanks Bill for your hard work and inspiration, and good luck in future endeavors. Welcome Barry. Enjoy your past essays, and the comments they have engendered! LeeBowman
Bill has probably done more to further the cause of ID in the science realm than anyone else. From a public relations standpoint, and by that I mean academia enlightenment in particular, the focus on design inferences, and the rationales for justification of those inferences as 'science', have been well delineated in his published works. One of my favorites, and one I have cited on occasion, is the keynote address delivered at the Research and Progress in Intelligent Design Conference at Biola University, 10/25/02. http://www.designinference.com/documents/2002.10.27.Disciplined_Science.htm In it, he not only states well the case for ID as science, and its potential benefits, but summarizes well its inherent problems, and posits possible solutions. Unfortunately, many of these problems are still with us, specifically, the need for 'on the bench' and 'in the lab' projects. I see that as our next major hurdle, but feel it is achievable. From the address, Bill said,
"Intelligent design as a scientific and intellectual project has many sympathizers but few workers. The scholarly side of our movement at this time consists of a handful of academics and independent researchers. These numbers need to swell, and we need to be properly networked. We need to know who's out there working on what. To this end the Internet will prove invaluable. Intelligent design is at this time still an academic pariah. Consequently, it is difficult to concentrate our forces in any one institution. And yet, when I speak about intelligent design on university campuses, I almost invariably encounter at least one scientist on faculty eager to do research pertinent to intelligent design."
On the surface, little seems to have changed. We still see academia and the science foundations as vehemently opposed to ID, or to any rational challenges to evolutionary theory as currently stated, a variant form of cultural inertia. But what we don't see as clearly, is the upcoming crop of new scientists, who, given the enclave of logic and reason that ID has provided, and from enlightenment, not just via the classroom, but from the plethora of the more balanced and objective sources that the Internet provides, will not be as willing to accept the time worn and outdated paradigm that has stubbornly persisted. As the old dogs retire, the new pups will have prominence. If ID has stagnated to a degree, let's dust it off and renew it, perhaps referring to it as neoID. I'll make a prediction. We will soon see a new enlightenment period emerge, based not on philosophical enlightenment, but on factual emergent data. These revelations will add to our understanding of origins, and perhaps, provide a better understanding of our place in the cosmos. Darwin's 150 year anniversary is upon us, and I will make a second prediction. It will be remembered, and rightly so, as commemorative of Charles Darwin, but allegorically, if Darwin's theory is viewed as a projectile, then 2009 will have been its apex. LeeBowman
Ditto on all the above. UD is a great place to learn and share. It's a vital source of clear thinking and info. May it outlast and outshine PT, SW, PZ, RD and ... :-) Borne
Also, I would like to say that what you are doing instead is far more important than herding cats like us. tragicmishap
Congrats Bill! Cracking the peer review thing is absolutely huge. Can't wait to see this paper :D. tragicmishap
Congratulations, Dr. Dembski! Barb
Dr. Dembski congratulations! Great! Finally we have a conservation of information peer-reviewed article on our side! :D Is this, the one that passed the peer review or some new one? http://marksmannet.com/RobertMarks/REPRINTS/short/CostOfSuccess.pdf skynetx
Hear, hear! Good job Bill! Glad you have such a quality person like Barry to pass the torch to! Keep poundin' away at those stubborn Texas academics. Just think if you could get the "Bible Belt" to live up to it's name! Jack Golightly
We will miss you Doc, long live Barry tribune7
Thanks Bill Dembski. As far as I'm concerned this has been a great adventure. While I'm uncertain about the future of ID; please keep up the good work. PannenbergOmega
I'd like to add my thanks and congratuations also, Bill. Granville Sewell
Cracking the peer-review barrier must have been quite an uphill battle. I wish you continued success on your (uphill) journey. beancan5000
Thank you Dr. Dembski for the years of unflinching resolve you have shown, and exemplified, to stick to the truth. To stick to the truth despite bitter, senseless, and I might add diabolically dishonest, opposition. You have been a inspiration for myself as well as many others I'm quite sure. bornagain77
Good luck, Bill, and thanks for the three years of effort here at UD - among other efforts, naturally. Looking forward to see where Barry takes this site. nullasalus
Many thanks Bill, and take it away Barry!!! Rev it up a few notches eh! CN
Bill: Thank you from our heart for all you have done and will do. I am really looking forward to your future work, which is badly needed, and I hope we will still see you here when necessary. Barry: Congratulations for your new role. I am happy for you and for us. gpuccio
Bill - Congrats on your new research focus. It is a wonderful use of your God-given intellect. Let us know if you need any support. Barry - you have a tough act to follow but I have a feeling you're up to it. Go get 'em! Douglas Moran
Thanks, Bill, for everything. I look forward to more of your writings and, when you have time, more of your insights on the UD Blog. Barry certainly has a firm foundation from which to continue the reporting and discussion of all things ID. AussieID

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