February Another Record Month for Uncommon Descent!

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It’s hard to see in the graphs below because these are totals and February was a short month but the daily average number of unique visitors increased from the January all-time record of 5828 to 6430 in February which is a 10% increase. Interestingly, the total number of unique sites jumped dramatically from 39217 to 49751. I’m not sure what that’s all about yet.


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    jerry says:

    Does the server provide the page views for each thread to see which ones generated the most interest? I don’t know if your server gives this information automatically. I was just curious as to which topics generated the most interest from those who look at a discussion but don’t comment.

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    GilDodgen says:


    What does “unique sites” refer to?

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    tribune7 says:

    Rock On!!

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    DaveScot says:


    Yes, as a matter of fact it does. I hadn’t looked at it before because up until a week ago our articles had cryptic archive numbers. Now that the URLs for articles reflect the title it’s easy to read those statistics. Here’s the top 8.

    reads : title

    4598 : Dawkins Delusion (Audio)
    3484 : Bill Dembski World Famous
    2707 : Michael Egnor Responds
    2095 : Cheap, safe drug kills cancers
    1843 : The existence of Dawkins
    1576 : Global Warming Not Due to CO2
    1458 : PZ Myers Lies
    1405 : Get Informed on Global Temps

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    GilDodgen says:

    I’d be curious to see a comparison of UD’s growth rate with that of Panda’s Thumb, as well as absolute numbers in the categories graphed above.

    Which are the two most visited ID and Darwinism blogs?

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    DaveScot says:


    Unique sites are unique IP addresses. The audio file of the fake Dawkins interview was probably half of the increase. It was being directly linked from our server rather than going through an article. So vistors at someone else’s blog were clicking on a direct link to the audio file. It didn’t count in the visits number but it counted in the unique sites count.

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    Michaels7 says:


    Great guys! Maybe the pickup is due to Google listing again? People hit, return later, email site?

    offtopic: Harvard physicist Lubos Motl translates Czech President’s Vaclav Klaus’s comments on global warming. Quite a good chuckle. He nails Gore with simple straight forward logic and the senstive, over the top reporter. Eastern Europeans are quite fun. Prague people are great. They remind me of Americans with a can-do attitude and a total disdain for failed socialist policies.

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