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Schadenfreude at UD

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I received the following email from someone I will keep anonymous:

Subject: blog entry on talk origins
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 12:35:41 -0500
From: snip

Bill, we have met a few times and are clearly on opposite sides with regards to ID, but I think we are on the same side with regard to Christ (although I am a Mormon). For this reason I strongly think you should remove [the] blog entry on TalkOrigins google problem. First, it is mocking and exploiting talkorgins problems with a hacker. I have always hoped that the ID debate could happen more often at a higher level than that (I do criticize my fellow ID opponents when I feel that they also have exploited situations like this because it has nothing to do with the issue).

Second the cached page contains language and (as accidently found out) live links to extreme pornography. Not something I would think you would want on Uncommondescent.



Because we were ourselves delisted recently from Google (and then relisted), the UD post in question is of interest here. Nonetheless, let’s try to avoid all appearance of Schadenfreude on this blog. Talksorigins, though slanted very much against ID, contains many items that ID proponents may want to refer to, if only by way of rebuttal. And presumably, with the shoe on the other foot, the same is true for the other side with respect to UD.

If the pornographic links really were the work of a hacker, I hope talkorigins.org resolves this problem and gets relisted pronto.

tb, I started seeing the word used around the time of the 2004 election with regard to the anguish the dino media was perceptibly showing concerning the results. So, Fahrvergnügen tribune7
Great move on both sides of the table! I hope this move would have been undertaken, even without the mail! BTW how and when did the word "Schadenfreude" become Americanized? Schaden = damage. Freude = Joy. Schadenfreude = Joy over damage. I know there are many other German words that are used in the US, besides from Blitzkrieg :), and it is always fun to see Americans use them :) tb
Indeed, Dr. MacNeill, It is good and encouraging to see Elsberry respond in kind. I can't imagine why he'd think UD would do such a thing in the first place, but good to see his response now. Yes... both sides on good debates, not frivolous matters. First, also, condolences to you and your wife for your loss. I have friends that have gone through similar circumstances several times in trials. Now, perhaps you will please answer my simple questions regarding the current situation of Evolutionary Theory? I'll be glad to put forward a shorter, more coherant list. I was in a rush last time. Chris Hyland was kind enough to respond to a few re: EvoDevo and textbooks. But you only responded to my strawman of your strawman regarding Nobel Prize and completely ignored the rest of my legitimate questions. BTW, the Nobel Committee decided Yosef "Cat Stevens" Islam, the man who once wrote Peace Train and who refuses to condemn the fatwas that supports the murder of Rushdie is good enough for them to play at their event. He in fact sympathises with the Ummah and calls by radical Imam's for Rushdie's death in lieu of "blasphamy" of the "prophet." Yet another grand mark for Nobel "Peace" Prize. Overtures are one thing, but ignoring reality is another, would you not agree? You also ignored my rebuttal to your brief paragraph on Miryam("all is moot") regarding accuracy of text readings between Massoretic and Septuagent texts and Greek New Testament. Michaels7
From "The Austringer", weblog of Wesley R. Elsberry, one of the founders of TalkOrigins and The Panda's Thumb: I Was Wrong About UD and Google http://austringer.net/wp/?p=445 "Some time ago, Bill Dembski’s weblog, Uncommon Descent, was de-indexed from Google. My assertion at the time was that they had purposely taken that step to avoid the Google cache of material. I was wrong about that. I received email today from UD admins that was cc’d in correspondence with Google’s webspam head, Matt Cutts. That email made clear that UD had suffered a cracking exploit, much as the TalkOrigins Archive recently did." "The UD people were victimized, and not seeking to eliminate their site from the Google cache." Indeed; now let's get back to arguing issues on their merits, shall we? Allen_MacNeill
It's a good move guys. Google does have a severe problem in the way they handle delistings. As to PZ, leaving academics and entering the business world of customer service limits the type of outburst name-calling to a minimum or quickly gets you a new position; or worse, standing in the unemployment line. Tenure makes for both good and bad results depending upon the personality. It is one thing to debate the issues. Quite another to spew forth such venom even rattlesnakes grow greener with envy. Maybe it speaks more truth about the University of Minnesota? "Crank-iness" maybe inhabits much time upon professors hands closer to the great white north? Although it seems to be a few singular occurences in nature. I hear the sun does wonders in relieving bitterness of the cold northern winds, maybe a conference in Florida is welcomed. Either that or a good brew on 1st street might do. I had a chemisty class under a similar personality in college. Everyone hated the class because of the Professors "cranky" personality, whom having gained tenure was disgusted to "be teaching" underclassmen still and wanted more time for his research. Hopefully, PZ's discontent with ID online does not spill forth onto students in his classrooms who dare to question evolutionary mechanisms, merely out of curiosity. Offtopic, interesting paper; PLoS, Pigment Pattern in jaguar/obelix Zebrafish Is Caused by a Kir7.1 Mutation: Implications for the Regulation of Melanosome Movement. http://genetics.plosjournals.org/perlserv/?request=get-document&doi=10.1371/journal.pgen.0020197 "More than 50 y ago, a British mathematician, Alan Turing, proposed a theoretical hypothesis called the reaction-diffusion model [3], which explains autonomous pattern formation such as spots and stripes by the interaction and diffusion of hypothetical molecules [4–6]. The model has not been validated at the molecular level, however. Among model organisms used for genetic and/or developmental studies, zebrafish alone contains stripes on the skin, making it an ideal model for studying the molecular mechanism of pigment pattern formation" The paper itself is a very interesting read considering signaling and mutational influence of the pattern breakdown. But I'm interested in Turings old paper. I tried getting the Turing paper of the genious cryptologist turned curious biologist. But could only retrieve the first page from JSTOR, http://links.jstor.org/sici?sici=0080-4622(19520814)237%3A641%3C37%3ATCBOM%3E2.0.CO%3B2-I If anyone has access to the paper, I'm curious how he viewed these isssues 50 years ago. Michaels7
Guilty as charged. Even though the other side, in the form of PZ Myers (Panda's Thumb contributor and owner of an exceedingly popular anti-ID blog of his own) gloated over our trevails I shall take the high road and remove my payback article. I'll bet dollars against donuts I won't run into Myers on the high road. http://www.scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2006/09/if_you_close_your_eyes_real_ti.php
How odd. That little crank site that Bill Dembski runs has intentionally removed itself from the Google indexes: no search is going to turn up a link to Uncommon Descent. Elsberry speculates that it's to remove the possibility of their penchant for revisionism being discovered. I applaud this move. I suggest that the next step is to voluntarily remove their url and ip address from the DNS registry. We shall all be simultaneously dazzled by their technical prowess and absolutely confounded by our inability to point to the stupidity of the Dembskiites. That'll teach us.

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