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Uncommonly Good New Look to Uncommon Descent


Kudos to whoever is responsible for the new look of Uncommon Descent! I know that you guys put a lot of work into maintaining this site and I’m sure that this new look will make the site even easier to navigate.

The Scubaredneck

I highly recommend FireFox at least for a backup for IE. FireFox is compact, fast, and works quite well.
And if you're not careful, Firefox might become your primary browser. With all the available extensions (adblock, flashblock, ftp, download manager, dictionary, etc) I almost never use IE anymore. UD is back to the UD I know and love. Elegant, stylish, easy on the eyes. The blockquote text being hard to read can be changed with a simple stylesheet modification. There's a style called "blockquote" with a color value of #888888 (medium gray). Any changes made to the blockquote style should modify it in the comments. However from the looks of it, it will modify the post blockquote as well. Apollos
Now we're back to the previous look again. :-( All right, it is prettier, and it does have the "latest comments" links, but I don't like fact that I can barely see the quotes (especially in the comments. Jasini
I have long been a silent admirer of UD, but now I must break my silence. The new look will force me to abstain. I have the same problem with the invisible text that others have mentioned, and I can't even see the complete text of my comment! In fact, I'm sorry to say that I much prefer the old look, even aside from the technical glitch. I can imagine that the changes were the result of careful thought and were made for good reasons, and perhaps everything will turn out for the better - I'll keep my fingers crossed. owendw
Just for the record this theme (Wordpress default) works fine under MS Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox. I recently upgraded from IE6 to IE7 and while IE7 has a lot of problems (javascript errors seems to be the root cause of most of them) it doesn't have a problem with this site. I had to install FireFox (free download) to access some important websites that weren't working with IE7. I highly recommend FireFox at least for a backup for IE. FireFox is compact, fast, and works quite well. DaveScot
This is awful. On my screen, the advertisements on the right have moved to the center, cutting off half of the posts. Please kindly reverse course!
The same thing happened to me. Didn't make sense. Something needs to be checked, that's for sure. I had to re-size my screen AND change the font size on my browser to smallest in order to see the entire post with it being truncated on the right. This has never happened before today. Whoever made the changes needs to check the code. DonaldM
This site is a big favorite of mine but this new look is terrable. Can't even call it a look, it just looks like unformated text in notepad. Hope I ain't hurting anyone's feelings but this site went from being stylish and readable to being too plain and dull for hardcore amish folks. mofi
The loss of the recent comments column is a negative mutation. I have to go into the moderation section in order to do find them now. Patrick
I can't read anything because of the info. bar placement. Was it intentional to return to the previous page layout, or is something messed up? ultimate175
New look is awesome! However, the style sheet that holds the 'ads' bar on the right right needs to be adjusted. It 'floats' in the middle of the page, when it should 'float' at the right side. I'm sure someone is working on it. Thanks!!! Graceout
If nothing else, I like the fact that there are now archives that I can peruse through. Mathetes
The previous design was much better. I know plain is in, but this is way too plain. caseyc
RE#10: Yes, Jerry, same problem that I am having! apollo230
Where is the link to the previous and next posts? Janice
Nice, but the body text font is very slightly too large imo. Robo
Whoops, While uncommondescent.com will always remain a favorite of mine, and I understand that the recent changes are a result of intensive intelligent effort, I can't seem to view all the interesting content. I am using Internet Explorer Version: 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_grd.070227-2254, but will with all haste upgrade to whatever is currently available. I have tried changing whichever preferences I thought might help, but still, the vertical bar at the right, which contains the search field, archives, and other enticing links, now appears just slightly right of the center of my screen, and the interesting content upon which I am so intent is clipped by that vertical bar, just so much that however intelligent I believe myself to be, I can't quite reconstruct that interesting content. Just thought you might be concerned. jerry_w
Much easier to read quotations. Please update to (c) 2007 Yes what happened to latest comments? DLH
This is awful. On my screen, the advertisements on the right have moved to the center, cutting off half of the posts. Please kindly reverse course! apollo230
No one designed it. It is the result of random changes to the hard drive of the web server. geoffrobinson
New? I am seeing last year's design right now. It even says "Copyright 2006" in the banner at the top of the page. sagebrush gardener
I may be missing it, but I don't see the "latest comments" section. That is very handy for following threads. Is that going to come back (or is it already there but I'm missing it)? In case it matters, I'm using Opera under Linux. Thanks. dl dl
Ops, I'm having a problem with the new look. The bar on the right hand edge is in the middle o fmy screen instead, so I can't se what has been writen nor what I am writing. (Sorry for any typos.) bFast
I saw a couple different versions of the pages today. I like the fact that I can now read the quotes. :-) Jasini
Wait a minute. I am getting the old look. Jehu

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